NC 9th Fight Over…

Yes, there was a lot of ballyhoo over a House of Representative special election that took place Tuesday night. It was between Dan Bishop, a Republican State Senator, and Dan McCreedy, a moderate Democrat.

First the history…the whole NC 9th District came into national attention back in the 2018 midterm elections because it was in that particular election that a Republican had engaged in voter fraud. The election was eventually thrown out, and a new election was scheduled. McCreedy was the Democrat that sought the seat in 2018, so he’d been running for over a year and a half, and had pretty much gotten the edge in name recognition. Bishop had been a State Senator, and wasn’t nearly as well known.

The national liberal media wanted to build this up as a referendum on Donald Trump, saying that since Trump won this district by some 12 points in 2016, if the Democrats were to flip the seat, it would show that Trump wasn’t as popular. Well, Trump went to Fayetteville, North Carolina the night before the election and held a rally with a standing room only crowd. That crowd, along with most of the other 9th District decided on going Republican, sending Bishop to DC to represent them.

First and foremost, this isn’t a “referendum” on Trump. That will be done next November when Trump seeks reelection. This was an entirely different election. This had a negative built in for the Republicans because of the voter fraud issue, even though Bishop had nothing to do with that. It also had a built in edge for the left, as McCreedy had been campaigning for a year and a half longer than Bishop. He should have had more name recognition!

So, the lesson to be taken from this special election is, North Carolina is still in Trump’s corner…he can still pack ’em in there, and yes, even though people are leaving liberal northeastern states in droves because of outrageous taxes (much like what’s happening in California), it doesn’t matter. In this election, the 9th Congressional District went with the Republican, like they’ve always done. And no amount of northeast carpet baggers can change that.

The same will be said across the rest of the country over the next year or so, but you won’t hear about that. And you won’t be hearing about how NC-9 is a red district either. You’ll hear how Bishop NARROWLY beat McCreedy. Well, he beat him. He probably shouldn’t have, but he did. In the end, party affiliation matters, and McCreedy joins the ranks of the unemployed.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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