Getting It Right The 1st Time

It wasn’t too long ago (like in the last week), I devoted a blog to “Fake News”, and to how the current brand of liberal snowflake media is on par with defending their First Amendment rights has basically taken defending their right to make up stories is akin to yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. And it just happened again.

In case you were busy having a life over the weekend, you probably missed the bombshell that the New York Times, once viewed as “all the news that’s fit to print” tried to lob at the Supreme Court. More precisely, it tried to lob a sexual assault charge at Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Just after the Times made the original indictment against Kavanaugh, every single Democrat running for president chastised him for his “actions”, and recommended that he be impeached. It didn’t take the Times more than a few hours to issue a new story. This time, the Times more correctly reported that yes, someone had accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault (much like the whole Christine Blasey Ford lie), several friends of the supposed victim reported that she didn’t recall the incident happening at all!

And the story has since imploded.

Once again, the media, in an attempt to smear more conservative (and apparently more truthful) members of our society, has made up a story that is false. It bears no witness to reality in any sense of the word. And yet, the only thing the Times will say about their original damning accusation is that the alleged victim refused to be interviewed for their story and said nothing else about the incident. You would have figured a comment like, “The Times regrets the error” at the very least would have been found in their follow up story.

And that is the latest in what has become “freedom of the press”. And much like another part of that First Amendment. We already have Freedom FROM Religion. I’m thinking we may be reaching the point where we need “Freedom FROM The Press”. Yes, it’s important to keep the press free to report to the masses on the happenings of the government, so that the nastiness that is government at times doesn’t get swept under the rug. But when we find that the media is so biased that they are willing to create stories, stories that are so off base that the alleged victim doesn’t even recall the incident happening, and hasn’t even…and won’t even be interviewed for the massacre of a story, that’s where we have to draw the line.

The Grand Old Lady of journalism is a shell of her former self any more. We’ve seen CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and countless other liberal bastions of “freedom of the press” guilty time and time again of making up stories to make conservatives look bad. In the end, there isn’t anything there. Where is the sexual rape involving Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford? It never happened. Where is the Russian Collusion involving Donald Trump? It never happened. And now, when a newspaper makes up a story that even the alleged victim doesn’t recall happening, and then refuses to apologize for their dalliance, it’s not just an “oops”. It should be criminal.

But it’s not. The Times, and the other fake news outlets are hiding behind a First Amendment clause that would have the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves. The press was never meant to be free to the point where they made up stories about people they didn’t agree with politically. They are there to cover the truth. Unfortunately, at Journalism Schools at Syracuse, Northwestern, and Missouri to name a few institutions, they’ve forgotten how to find the truth, instead focusing on foisting a liberal bias on Americans that they don’t want.

Maybe that’s the reason why journalists and members of the media have sunk lower in approval than used car salesmen and drug dealers!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

8 thoughts on “Getting It Right The 1st Time

  1. As far as I’m concerned, this is good news! It means that the media and far Left still haven’t learned their lesson and continue to put their foot in their mouth.

    I say keep it up! I believe that with every new story that turns out to be fake news, the Left loses another moderate Democrat vote and only strengthens Trump’s base.

    For GOD and Country

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      1. The only way the media can, once again, gain the trust of the American people is if the current crop goes away and new unbiased ones reappear. The media is dead, but if the government tries to get involved it will only be taking us one step closer to losing our Republic!

        Blogger’s, like you, are becoming the modern day version of the pamphleteer. The honest ones will flourish, dishonest ones will not.

        Thanks for what you do!

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