The Supreme Court…1 Year Later

It’s hard to imagine that just one year ago, amid lies of sexual abuse, and threats of immediate impeachment if Democrats won the House of Representatives, liberal snowflakes had to realize that the Supreme Court of the United States of America was about to take a turn to the far right with the confirmation and seating of the newest Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

It was one year ago yesterday that Kavanaugh was sworn in as the High Court’s newest Justice. And even though that in that year, the uber-socialist left has targeted him for no reason at all, trying to impeach him over yet another made up story that not even the supposed victim remembered, the Supreme Court lives on. In fact, the Supreme Court is the most trusted branch of our federal government!

In a recent poll, more than half of the American’s asked said that they supported the Supreme Court. They were found to be the most trustworthy of the three branches. Certainly they are the most apolitical. And even with the majority of seats taken up by conservatives, interesting things have happened.

Abortion remains legal in this country; the rights of gays and lesbians are unabated; women are treated equally; all of the things that the socialist snowflakes out there fight for day after day (except maybe the impeachment of Donald Trump) haven’t been disturbed. And something surprising has happened. The man the left wanted to impeach, the man they wanted to deny a seat over a made up sexual allegation, is actually taking the liberal side on some issues. Yes, Brett Kavanaugh has been voting on some cases with the likes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg! And gasp…so has John Roberts.

I think what that means to say is that once you get seated on the highest court in the land, you look at the law, how the Constitution is interpreted, and you use those elements to decide fairly how in the world we live. And, America approves.

Compare that with a president who has a 47% approval rating. Compare that to Congress who has an 8% approval rating. And why are their ratings below the magical 50% mark?

President Trump is seen as a businessman who knows how to turn the economy around, and how to get people jobs. After the abortion known as the Obama presidency, that’s a plus. However, he likes to shoot his mouth off in very un-presidential ways. That has a tendency to piss people off. Congress, has been swept up in the whole issue of whether or not Trump ever should have been elected…at least the House side, in the past year. And that has ground to a halt the really important work they needed to do. Things like getting rid of Obamacare and letting the free market once again take over healthcare insurance. Things like fixing the immigration policy of this country that has been broken for decades. Things like how to deal with the millions of illegal aliens that pour across a porous border to our south without regard to our laws.

And yet, the Democrats in Congress are so upset, so ingrained that they must over-turn a duly-elected President of the United States, they can’t see past the nose on their face. It is the country that suffers.

So, happy anniversary to Brett Kavanaugh. He and Neil Gorsuch, President Trumps’ two picks to the high court have been a breath of fresh air. And here’s hoping we can replace two more liberal snowflakes on that high court with two more very sensible and judicious people as we get rid of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Stephen Breyer.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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