AOC: Dump The Prisons!

Yeah, that wizzard of The Bronx has come out with her latest take on how America could be better. Get rid of prisons altogether, and let everyone out. Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, thieves, it doesn’t matter what you did, you shouldn’t be kept “in a cage”. After all, says AOC, “A cage is a cage is a cage, and people don’t belong in cages.”

Now, I see your face right now. 67% of your are rolling your eyes, thinking, “There goes that dingbat again!” The other 33% are just shaking your head wondering how this person gets dressed in the morning. I get it.

But this is liberalism.

If you really want to know why liberalism never works, never has worked and never will work, it’s really because of two different issues. I’ve mentioned the first one many times here, and that’s money. It always runs out of other people’s money. But the second reason is the more telling reason. It’s the deeper reason why liberalism is always doomed to fail. To be progressive…I mean, REALLY progressive, you’ve got to keep shifting farther and farther to the left. And the farther left you go, the fewer and fewer people will agree with you.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that I come out with a program that helps the poor so they don’t starve. We feed the poor. That’s a program probably most people would get behind, right? Then, to continue down that path, I’ve got to clothe them. Again, nobody should have to walk around naked or in rags, so you could probably get on board with that. Now we need shelters for them so they aren’t sleeping on the streets in winter. Everybody still along for the ride? Probably.

Now it gets interesting. Let’s say that we need to give them a stipend of $1,000 a month to help them get their own housing. Oops. We just lost some of you that subscribe to the theory “Give a man a fish…”, right? And then when we want to give them a cell phone, so they can have their prospective employers call them, we lose even more…and it continues. You started out with a noble gesture, and it got out of control. That’s the way the Democrat party works. It started out as actually a pretty conservative group of people. In fact, some say, they would represent the ugly side of the conservative movement…remember THEY were the ones that didn’t want desegregation in the south. THEY were the ones that fought FOR slavery. They were not the ones that originally fought for Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights’ reforms. It was the Republican Party that came to his aid on that one!

We’ve progressed to the point where most of the “progressives” have out paced their liberal roots and they’ve veered into socialism. They want everything, cradle to grave, to come from the federal government. They feel (though they won’t publicly admit it) that you are too stupid to take care of yourself, they have to do it for you. And you’ve become a slave to their generosity. It’s a way to keep them in power. Think I’m wrong? Look at Social Security. Look at Welfare. Look at Food Stamps. These are programs that enslave it’s participants. Take them away and people will revolt.

And people like AOC know no boundaries as to how far to the left they need to push. They’ll keep moving farther and farther down that road. And it’s to the point where most of America thinks she’s a WhackJob, and a pretty stupid one at that. Most people can’t believe she’s talking about getting rid of cars and planes, and busses. Most people can’t fathom a world where we rebuild EVERY single building in America! And most people won’t catch on with her program to get rid of prisons. How do you deal with offenders? You don’t. Because she’s soft on crime.

Welcome to the New Democrat Party.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

13 thoughts on “AOC: Dump The Prisons!

  1. If you would like to see what would happen if we closed all the prisons, watch the 1981 movie starring Kurt Russel, called Escape from New York. A major war between the United States and the Soviet Union is concluding, and the entire island of Manhattan has been converted into a giant maximum security prison. Sounds just like the kind of thing that AOC could support! Spoiler Alert!!!! The results are not pretty!

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      1. Air Force 1 crash lands in Manhattan, Kurt Russel’s character is sent in to find and rescue the President. The premise is that all the prisons have been closed and New York City is designated as the area for all criminals. And of course, as you would expect, the criminals control the asylum.

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