No Vote Coming Soon

The Republicans have been clammoring for weeks that Nancy Pelosi should end this hollow charade of an “informal” impeachment inquiry and actually hold an impeachment inquiry vote in the House of Representatives if she intends on impeaching Donald Trump. They shouldn’t hold their breath.

Pelosi held a press conference yesterday to say that she would not be holding that vote in the House anytime soon, and that the investigations would continue “as usual”. So, what does that mean?

Well, first off, we have to understand what it would mean to have an impeachment inquiry vote. It would give the House committees, like the one Adam Schiff is running the opportunity to subpoena witnesses, and it would have weight behind it. Currently, if you were to get a subpoena to testify before Schiff’s committee, you could ignore it and they really couldn’t do anything to you. That’s why Donald Trump has said until there is a formal impeachment inquiry vote in the House, he isn’t going to comply with any requests. It’s also why Schiff is bringing in former, not current, employees of Trump’s to testify.

Second, Pelosi realizes that she’s got about thirty or so members that are freshmen who won in districts Donald Trump won in 2016. They’re going to have an uphill battle to hold on to their seats in most cases as it is. If she forces a vote on impeachment inquiry before the election, she puts them at even greater risk. She certainly doesn’t want to do that.

Third, Adam Schiff has no rules to follow right now. He’s the King Maker in this escapade, because an informal impeachment inquiry is just that…informal. Schiff has not allowed Republican members of his committee into meetings, or not allowed them to ask questions. They are also not allowed to subpoena witnesses to testify before the committee. If there were to be a formal impeachment inquiry vote, Republicans would have a lot more say in what happens. And, it would have to be done in public. Currently, Schiff is holding these meetings behind closed doors. They don’t have to make any of it public.

So, what’s the downside on impeachment? Well, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated earlier this week that if Pelosi is thinking of using anything to do with Donald Trump’s call to his Ukrainian counterpart as part of any articles of impeachment, it will be dead on arrival in the Senate…meaning that if they are looking into that phone call at all, impeachment may happen…conviction won’t.

I’ve always contended that when the Democrats threaten impeachment like they have, you let them have their way, especially when there isn’t any way in the world the Senate is going to convict. That way, they’ve shot their wad when it comes to impeachment, and they have shown the American people once and for all, the only reason they are going after Trump isn’t because he’s done anything wrong…it’s because he won the election that he should have lost.

It’s also called “Sour Grapes”.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “No Vote Coming Soon

  1. Pelosi will never hold a House vote on impeachment because once the Republican’s get a chance to question their sycophants the truth comes out, they will be hoisted on their own petard!

    For GOD and Country!

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  2. They’re not calling for a vote because that would start the formal process which has time demands(re the calendar and process completion protocols) and investigation has rules. They’d rather investigate about investigating without formal rules to keep the attacks endlessly in the news. They don’t want impeachment before the election because if Trump not convicted they lose big time.

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