Why Come Out Against Trump?

When I started the original blog way back when (titled “Desert Musings”), I told my readers that I was here to do one thing…expose the truth. It could hurt the conservatives at times because I realize that no side is right 100% of the time. My personal feeling is the conservative side is more accurate than the liberal side, and I portray that, but when the right screws up, which they are prone to do, especially in Congress, I’m not against letting the world know that they’ve screwed up.

To this day, I responde to former Arizona Senator, and now Harvard lecturer, Jeff Flake’s comments on Twitter. Flake is pretty much an idiot. And if you’re paying the big bucks to send your kid to Harvard, and they are taking a class from Flake, you’re getting screwed. And yes…Jeff Flake is a Republican.
I was never a fan of John McCain. I thought he ranked as one of the top five worst candidates is US Presidential history along with Hillary Clinton (the worst), Donald Trump (second worst), Bob Dole (ranked third), Michael Dukakis (ranked fourth) and Mitt Romney, who just beat out Barry Goldwater. That’s not saying I think those five had bad political stances. That’s saying they were terrible candidates. McCain, by the way, was a traitor to this country by his vote against getting rid of Obamacare.

And the same holds true with the presidents. Look, no president is 100% right, and no president is 100% wrong. OK…maybe Carter. But other than that, the theory holds true. While Barack Obama was far from my favorite president, and I rank him at the bottom of the list of 43 predecessors, he did have a good idea called getting rid of “pre-existing conditions” in healthcare. The rest of his term was garbage.

And the same goes for Donald Trump. While I think he has pretty much proven himself to be on target when it comes to his policies, I totally disagree with him when it comes to his decision to let Turkey take over the Kurdish territories of Syria. Those Kurds have fought hard. They aren’t the best people in the world, but they aren’t terrorists either. They have shed blood along side of us to defeat and guard the ISIS prisoners. At the very least, we owe it to them to stand by them. As far as Turkey is concerned, let them rot in hell. Erdogan has lied to us and should pay for his actions.

I am conservative, make no doubt about that. What the Democrats on Capitol Hill are doing to Donald Trump is treasonous. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Nancy Pelosi should be locked up for treason. But that doesn’t mean Trump is a choir boy. He’s no angel, and I get that. But he’s a thousand times better than Hillary Clinton would have been. We were right to elect him, and so far I don’t see any Democrat candidate that is worthy of running against him.

So, let’s be clear on one thing. I will continue to speak the truth. When Trump screws up, I will call him on it. When he does well, I will say so. And yes, when the left comes up with the occasional good idea, I’ll let you know. It’s called the truth. Only a handful of people in history have been 100% evil… and none of them are in Congress or the White House today.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Why Come Out Against Trump?

  1. I have one major point of disagreement with your comment regarding the 5 worst presidential candidates. Out of the 5 you mentioned only one actually became President…and that was Donald Trump. Since when does winning make you a bad candidate?

    Granted, you may not like his policies, Tweet’s or mannerisms, but as a candidate…he’s a WINNER!

    For GOD and Country

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    1. Actually, your logic is flawed. Just because he won doesn’t make him a good candidate. It makes him a better candidate than the person he beat. Yes, he won, but he won against the absolute worst candidate in history…and by the way…I don’t like ALL of his policies, but I do agree with MOST of them!


  2. While I don’t like the idea of abandoning a group within the ISIS war theater who has sheltered Christians and Yazidis, we also need to take in mind that some of the Kurdish groups were allied with the Russians and have quickly re-allied with the Russians. Additionally, if any of you are familiar with the Armenian genocide and other campaigns in the area by Turks from WWI to the present, you will know why the area is so sparsely populated.

    Still, if San Fran Nan thinks that Trump has taken the wrong tack, she has several options. One of them is that she can vote to declare war. Let them go on record with one of those options.

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