Trump’s “Move” A Sign of Genius!

Donald Trump has decided pretty much what a million others have decided. They’re fed up with New York’s liberal politics, high tax rates, dirty cities (especially New York City), and cold winters. He’s heading to his “new” home…Florida.

Does that really surprise anyone?

It shouldn’t. For a century, older folks from the northeast retire, move to Florida, and get on with life in the Sunshine State. The weather is warmer, the taxes are a LOT lower, and the politics meanders back and forth. You’re not screaming at liberals every day. But for Trump, this also does one other thing politically.

This takes Florida out of play for 2020.

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Florida was one of seven states that would be in play for both sides this coming election cycle. By Trump moving to Florida, he pretty much guarantees that he will win the state and it’s 29 Electoral Votes. That’s because it’s a very rare day when a candidate doesn’t win his or her home state. Of course, Trump lost New York to another New Yorker, Hillary Clinton, in 2016. And yes… Trump did win Florida that year, and he’ll be poised to win it again.

So, announcing this past week that he’s moving from New York to Florida does two things. It lowers his tax bracket, and it gets him a solid 29 Electoral Votes. Here’s the other states that should figure into the fray this time around…Pennsylvania with 20, North Carolina with 15, Michigan with 16, Ohio with 18, Wisconsin with 10, and Arizona with 11. You could also throw Nevada, and maybe Iowa into the fray, but that’s 119 Electoral Votes that Trump won last time that he’d pretty much need this time around.

Want to know the other good news? Of course, with the House voting for an impeachment inquiry, Pelosi and Schiff are moving down that path, but it’s really bad news for them. In each of those seven states, a solid majority of voters say they don’t want to see the House actually vote for impeachment. Every single one of the key states in 2020 is over 50% when it comes to whether or not Trump should be impeached… and they don’t want to see it!

So, if you start off the campaign by handing Trump one of the biggest issues of the year, and quite possibly 119 Electoral Votes, it probably won’t matter who wins the Democrat nomination. They are going to be a lamb being led to slaughter. Hell, he’s almost halfway to the re-election with just those seven states.

That’s before Trump starts tearing into either Elizabeth Warren for her $30 Trillion “Medicare For All” debacle, or Bernie Sanders for being Bernie Sanders, or “Sleepy” Joe Biden for his son’s dealings, and his shady political moves. Add that to the fray, and it’s going to be yet another chance for Donald Trump to be smiling on election night.

And the best part is, Democrats will have already shot their wad and missed the target. What can they do? Impeach him again and again? Doubtful!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Trump’s “Move” A Sign of Genius!

  1. That all sounds really good but I don’t have much faith in our election process anymore. It’s not about the Russian’s, it’s about the Democrat’s. They have their new “ballot Harvesting” scam not to mention all the dead, homeless people and illegal aliens that vote! The Dem’s and media keep telling us voter fraud is a fallacy but when you do a little digging you find out otherwise. In Democrat strongholds many districts and precincts have more votes cast than registered voters! Call me crazy but I say let’s dump electronic voting machines and go back to paper ballots where they can be counted and re-verified!

    For GOD and Country!

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    1. Oh, I’m all in favor of that paper ballot as well, but tell me…how many times do you recall someone finding “a suitcase full of paper ballots in a closet” after the election”??? There will ALWAYS be a way to steal an election. The funny thing is, Democrats never (except in 2000) accuse the GOP of stealing an election. It’s always the other way around!


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