But Who’s Fault Is It?

I never used to think about wildfires and forest fires. I lived in a city, miles and miles from the nearest “national forest”. Oh, we had fires. They were called “house fires”. As far as hundreds of thousands of acres of land burning? Nope. Never thought much about it.

Then I moved to Arizona.

That’s when I started caring I guess. It started to hit home. Oh, I saw the video of people losing their homes on TV. But it was never close enough to really impact me. California was always the worst, but it hit other states as well, including here where I live. We had a terrible fire called the Yarnell Hill Fire. Perhaps you heard about it? 19 firefighters, called the Granite Mountain Hotshots all perished in it. It was close to where I live. Still, when I did the research, I found that the reason California has a lot more of the fires is because they don’t manage their forests very well. The eco-terrorists in the state don’t want to weed out dead and dying underbrush and trees. They just want it to “be”. So, when lightening strikes, or a camper leaves a campfire burning, or an electrical wire is downed and sparks, it causes major fires.

Donald Trump has said, “No more”.

In a move that’s certain to spark at least one major lawsuit, he is blaming the state of California to get it’s act together and learn how to manage their forests, and that he’s not going to be spending another dime in disaster relief in that state until they do.

Can you blame him? I mean, Cali has thumbed it’s collective nose at Trump for everything he’s done since he got elected. They don’t like his policy on automobiles, they don’t like his policy on the border walls. They don’t like his policy on sanctuary cities/states, and, quite frankly, they’re not wild about the hair either.

So, when California Governor, Gavin Newsome comes knocking on Trump’s door asking for more and more money to fight the fires that were really caused by a lack of forest management, can you blame Trump for saying no? I’m not sure to be honest. On one hand, he has every right to tell Cali to get it’s act together and start managing forests like the more conservative states do. You don’t hear about fires like this in Tennessee, or Utah. I’m sure they happen, but they don’t burn down half the state. On the other hand, aren’t we all in this together? Well, I am torn, but I’m starting to think that Trump may be on to something.

Look, Cali has wanted to break free from the US for years. They keep proposing chopping the state into three separate states, or withdrawing from the union, or a million other scatterbrained proposals. They want to do what they want to do and they don’t want the federal government telling them what to do. If that’s the case, and they won’t follow federal law, like when it comes to immigration or auto emissions, then fine, you don’t get federal dollars when it comes to things you want, like fire prevention and help. You can’t have it both ways.

So, maybe Trump is right. Maybe he needs to tell California to go pound sand when it comes to its wildfires, and let the state burn. I hate to say that, but maybe it’s time. We’re seeing a ton of people fleeing that state for here in the desert because of taxes and the crazy government they have. And these are all Democrats. You want to know why Arizona is in play in 2020? It’s not because of all of the illegal aliens coming across our southern border. It’s because of the crazy Californians coming across our western border!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “But Who’s Fault Is It?

  1. California is a beautiful state – I mean – was. Some parts still are – you can’t ruin them. But we’d all be better off if they did divide and go.

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  2. So the democrats fed up with California insanity that come to Arizona vote for the same democrat line they left ? Or vote republican/conservative ? If they still support the democrat radical left agenda why did they leave in the first place. The big populations centers of Texas are being flooded with discontented liberals from the northeast turning the state blue. So why did they leave the northeast to vote for similar agendas in their new state ?


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