Can We Afford Elizabeth Warren?

The quick answer is no. Pocahontas’ plan “Medicare For All” was originally slated to be costing us about $30 Trillion over ten years. For comparison purposes, the US economy in 2019 is slated to do a tad over $21 Trillion. So, basically, if she was going to pay for it, she’d drain the entire US economy for over a year.


We find out on this past Friday that $30 Trillion won’t cut it. The latest cost estimate, which is usually way low, will come in at $52 Trillion. That means it would take three years of taking every cent you make, every cent I make, every cent everybody in the country makes to pay for her healthcare debacle. And, we’ve seen through Obamacare, and what’s happened to our veterans when they return home in need of medical care, just how good the federal government is at providing care!

Now, Warren says that she’s going to pay for this by getting rid of the healthcare costs that you and I currently pay. I don’t know what your healthcare bill is. Mine sits at about $20,000 a year by the time I pay for insurance, co-pays, and deductables. Before Obamacare screwed up the insurance industry, I was paying more in line with about $5,500 a year. Under Warren, you can expect every person to ADD about $57,500 to what they’re paying now. That’s not household. If you’ve got four people living in your house, multiply that by 4.

That will be your tax increase. And no…you won’t be able to choose your doctor. Your doctor may not be a doctor anymore under Warren’s plan. And your hospital may not be a hospital under Warren’s plan. It may be a new Tesla dealership. At least if Warren has her way. Because GM, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Toyota, and the rest will cease to exist.

The cost to the average American, not the wealthiest 1%, will be astronomical. Now, in reality, there is no way any of Warren’s plans will ever get by Congress if she is elected. And frankly, I can’t see her getting elected unless a) the economy totally collapses, and b) Donald Trump is impeached, convicted, and removed from office. Even then, Mike Pence becomes president, and is a hundred thousand times better than anything Warren could aspire to.

I’m actually surprised that Warren could face the American people and give them a cost that’s almost three times our entire economy. It would balloon the federal debt to nightmarish proportions (even more so than it already is), and would bankrupt the country in a year. Not only that, there is not a shred of evidence out there anywhere that this proposal would actually work. Think of it like Obama’s “Shovel ready jobs” proposal that cost $1 Trillion, and produced ONE job.

America needs to wake up and learn that Democrats do not have the answer when it comes to the economy. You cannot give the constituents everything they need and want cradle to grave and expect your country to last. It never has and it never will. Liberalism, socialism, communism, whatever you want to call it…doesn’t work…hasn’t work…isn’t working….won’t work. And that is exactly what Elizabeth Warren is hoping for.

Under Warren, she can tear down the United States of America, shred the Constitution, and reform it with a new socialist constitution. The country will look nothing like it looks today. But if you want a quick peek as to what it would look like if she gets elected with a Democrat congress, take a look at Venezuela! That’s us in 20 years.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “Can We Afford Elizabeth Warren?

  1. Have you seen how she thinks that the other branches of the insurance industry can just absorb the employees of the health insurance sector that her plan would make useless?

    That is, in addition to bearing the burden that all of us would carry regarding a federalized health system, the life, auto, and property insurance industries would be expected to “just hire” all the health care insurance workers.

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    1. Well, that and she hopes that whomever is not hired by the insurance industry would go to work for the federal government to work with her Medicare for all program…yeah…it’s really stupid, not well thought out, and just bad. If she is touting this as her premiere campaign issue, what would she do in crisis mode?


  2. One incremental step toward universal coverage would be to fund an increase in clinics available for low income people for at least low level emergency care and preventive care and to make sure people that qualify for Medicaid are receiving the benefit. .

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  3. oooops 4 Freedoms not $ Freedoms. If one feels health care is not a right would one possibly consider it a guaranteed privilege ? Even under universal everyone should pay what they can afford just a system wherein no one is left out. Don’t forget there was resistance against free public education not being a right but I am not suggesting free healthcare but a completely inclusive program. Most assuredly not include illegal aliens.

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    1. See, I believe a “right” is God-given, not made by man. Feeling that way, healthcare would not be a “right”. Is it important? Absolutely! Should everyone have it? Yes indeed! But should the government legislate it? No. That isn’t the government’s place in society. What if I don’t WANT healthcare? Even if I do, there is a price. What if I WANT a Porsche, but can’t afford it? Should the government give me one? I know the argument is, you don’t need a Porsche to live, but you don’t need healthcare to live either. You can certainly live better with both, but they aren’t necessary for life. As for education, again, it’s not a right. We educate our people because they better serve society that way (or at least we DID in the past), but there is nothing that said we need to be educated to live. You need, food, water, air, and shelter. (Maslow hierarchy of needs). Education is almost necessary in today’s society, but it is not a need in terms of life. Many people have succeeded without it (look at Harry Truman!).


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