Whistleblower Is Partisan Hack!

It was revealed the other day that the Whistleblower’s attorney in the Trump escapade called impeachment called for the President’s impeachment as far back as two years ago and added in a Tweet that Trump would not serve out his entire term, that the “coup has started”.

Mark Zaid, the attorney for the as yet, unknown whistleblower has fueled concerns to an uber-high level among Republicans and Independents that the entire “whistleblower escapade” that was the Trump phone call tot he Ukrainian president was nothing more than a Democrat party scheme to get some dirt on Trump that they could use for impeachment. It certainly didn’t do the left any favors.

Trump spoke Wednesday night at a rally in Louisiana and threw in several jibes that the Democrats efforts were nothing more than a hoax and a scam…and that Zaid was a major part of it.

I think all Americans understand that this is not a legal proceeding, which impeachment is supposed to be. This is nothing more than a political charade dressed up to masquerade around as a legal proceeding. Democrats have continued to gin up their base over this issue, while Republicans and Independents become more and more outraged over the attempt to overthrow a valid, legal, election by the American public. What is surprisingly daunting is the degree that the left is willing to go in this death match to try and unseat a duly elected president for no apparent reason.

Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the uber-socialist wing of the party has certainly drunk from the Kool Aid on this one. And it could have absolutely devastating results if it continues to come out that once again, like the Russian Collusion story, like the Mentally Unstable story, like the Sex Scandal story, like pretty much every narrative Democrats have used over the past three years that Trump needs to be impeached, it will leave egg on their faces. And, if truth be told, it should have dire consequences at the ballot box.

However, I don’t think that will happen. If you look at polls…there is a very sharp divide in this country. Republicans and Independent voters don’t think Donald Trump should be impeached by an ever-increasingly wide margin. In fact, in the past month, about 4% of the GOP and 8% of Independents shifted from “impeach” to “not impeach”. Democrats are almost universal in their desire to see Trump removed from office with upwards of 90% of them wanting impeachment.

This latest revelation shows clearly that these foibles the Democrats are using cannot be trusted to be valid. In the end, as I’ve said all along, with the House in Democrat hands, Donald Trump will indeed be impeached. He will be totally exonerated in the Senate trial, and it will give the Republicans, not only on the presidential side, but in the Senate and House races in 2020 an incredible campaign issue that won’t go away. At this point, it’s like watching a WWE wrestling match. You know before you get to the arena how it’s going to turn out. You just want to go for the entertainment value.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are putting their credibility as a political party on the line, hoping beyond all common sense that the American public will have a short memory. I somehow don’t think we’re all that stupid.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “Whistleblower Is Partisan Hack!

  1. Deep inside I know I’m probably wrong, but….I beginning to wonder if these Shiff open meetings aren’t going to be a way for the Dem’s to back out of the impeachment attempt with what little dignity they have left?

    Look, the longer this has been going on, more and more information is being exposed that this is all part of a coup. Once these hearings are televised it’s only going to get more devastating for the Dem’s as everybody watches Adam Schiff-less stop the Republican’s from asking questions or presenting witnesses.

    The only other alternative, which will probably never happen, but should, is that the Dem’s will finally concede that after 3 years, they can’t win this fight and let all the exculpatory information be exposed, then say, “Ut-oh! I guess we made a mistake!”

    Time will tell, but I don’t see this ever getting any better for the Dem’s. They may be beginning to think they need to get rid of this whole thing before the Horowitz and Durham reports come out, which will only add more egg on their face?

    For GOD and Country!

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    1. The only way the Dems win in this is to impeach Trump and have the Senate convict him. That is, unless, they don’t WANT to win the 2020 election, because they don’t have a candidate that can beat Trump, and that’s a possibility (think Dole or McCain). Then, they can gin up the base and set their sights on 2024. I can’t believe there is anything other than getting their own base excited that can come from impeachment UNLESS they find a smoking gun somewhere like Congress did with Nixon.


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