Lincoln V. Trump…

I couldn’t believe the article that I read in The Hill this morning. Now, granted, with a house full of 18 people that came over for Thanksgiving week, my mind hasn’t really been on politics over the past week, but when I saw this one, I couldn’t believe it!

53% of Republicans think that Donald Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln.

I mean, I like a lot of the policies that Trump has put in place. He certainly is a leader. But as far as “presidential”? He falls on his face. He’s more like the elementary school bully that wants to beat you up after school because you didn’t give him your lunch money.

A whopping 75% of the American people still think that Lincoln was the better president between the two. And I would have to say I would be in that camp. While Trump has shown some leadership, and has instituted some policies, including turning around the abortion known as the Obama era, it pales in comparison to running the civil war and ending slavery.

I know we are living in a divided nation now, but for the Republicans to be that blind to what Lincoln did vs. what Trump has done is ridiculous. While I’m a Trump fan against anyone I’ve seen on the Democrats’ side so far (including Bloomberg and Patrick), he has a ways to go to being the best Republican president in my lifetime, not to mention history.

It kind of makes me wonder just how much the GOP folks are “drinking the Kool Aid”, just because he’s a more conservative leader than anyone the Dems’ are throwing at us. I just can’t see his picture on a $5 bill!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Lincoln V. Trump…

  1. Amazing – but I don’t think you have really thought this completely through. True – Lincoln made terrific accomplishments with the Civil War and freeing the slaves but when you actually factor in not just the South but the WORLDE problems and all the opposition on an hourly basis I can understand where the Republicans are coming from – and I don’t necessarily think they are drinking too much koolaide. Maybe your company tired you too much??? Surprise!


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  2. Lincoln, Washington and FDR are on a level that few can accomplish. Trump over Lincoln shows ignorance of history. If he completes a second term full of accomplishments perhaps Trump will indeed be elevated in the pantheon of presidents. But that will come with decades of hindsight as the current Trump hate distorts any sensible evaluation.

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    1. Haven’t seen it yet with Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of his policies, but put him up there with Lincoln and Washington? No…not going to happen. As for FDR, the guy is lucky he wasn’t tried for treason. Have to disagree with you on that one!


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