The Nadler Show Begins YAWN!

In case you’re bored with the whole impeachment thing, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. When we last left Adam Schiff, he was seen trying to vote to pass on to Jerry Nadler at the House Judiciary Committee, the recommendation for impeachment. Of course, this one wasn’t in front of the cameras. Schiff’s vote was taken behind closed doors with no TV present.

In the meantime, Nadler was getting ready for his big day Wednesday. And to help bore you to tears, he brought in four liberal law professors, one from each corner of the country. I guess he figured that’d help. It didn’t. It was as dry as two week old toast. Unfortunately for Nadler, he didn’t include Catharine MacKinnon, the uber-liberal feminist law professor from the University of Michigan. If you don’t remember, MacKinnon is the one that calls all sexual intercourse “rape”. That could have been a turning point in this whole impeachment deal. Rape certainly IS a crime! And if all sex is rape, and we know Trump has had many dalliances, then he MUST be guilty of rape, right? Well, that’d be her way of thinking!

Instead, we got a first year law class in impeachment. Yes, it was boring. No, we didn’t learn anything. And no, it didn’t move the needle in any direction. What’s funny about all of this is that the conclusion is foregone. Is there really anybody in America that feels that Democrats aren’t going to impeach Trump? Is there anyone out there that doesn’t think he’s going to get exonerated once the trial phase starts in the Senate? And is there anyone out there that really thinks this is going to help the Democrats in 2020 and beyond?

I saw Republican majority leader, Kevin McCarthy the other day outline why the whole thing was a charade, and he pretty well nailed it. Nancy Pelosi had outlined there were three key things that had to happen in order for her to move forward with impeachment. What was funny was none of the three areas have been met. In fact, one of the keys was that impeachment had to be “bi-partisan”, which it wasn’t since more Democrats voted against the impeachment inquiry (2) than Republicans voting for it (zero).

In the end, there really isn’t a way out of the woods for the Democrats. Oh, they’ll try and spin it that there was a “bribe”, and that will be one of the articles of impeachment. But when both parties (Trump and Ukrainian president, Zelenskiy) have said there was no pressure, no quid pro quo, and no bribe, it’s going to be tough to actually prove the charge. A few Dems have suggested censorship of Trump as a way to get around impeachment, but that’s being shot down by pretty much everybody in leadership. No, the Dems have once again over-played their hand on this one. The egg on their face is going to be long lasting and tough to get off…and Jerry Nadler isn’t the guy that’s smart enough to figure out how to get out of the jam he’s in!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “The Nadler Show Begins YAWN!

  1. The “fact” remains that still not a single witness heard first hand the president say “investigate the Bidens” or “no weapons until they do”. All their conclusions are based on surmising he said that or implied it in some mysterious way and therefore he is guilty because they think that was what Trump was thinking. Nadler concludes with the facts are plain and indisputable. What facts ?

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  2. Th Democrat’s have forever cheapened the meaning and authenticity of impeachment.
    When history shows that Trump was impeached it will also show that it was something they were trying to do since the first day he took office. Just another partisan hack job!

    For GOD and Country

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    1. I don’t think it’s cheapened it…yet. It all depends on how it’s taken in the future. If this is an isolated incident (and I HOPE the GOP doesn’t respond in kind up the road!), then it will basically become a forgotten asterisk in history. If, however, it becomes a way of screwing with the opposing party because you lost an election, it’s going to become one of the defining moments in the decline of America.


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