Shedding Tears For Lisa Page

Lisa Page decided that before the Inspector General’s report came out this next week, she needed to get her side of the story out. And so, it was a rather hurried interview in The Daily Beast. Page said she decided to come out and give her side of the story after Donald Trump chided her and her boyfriend, Peter Strzok in a rally, reading their instant messages and emails. She said that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

What is even worse is the fact that it appears America is very nonchalant about the fact that Page, who is married, is having an affair with a married man. Both Strzok and Page remain married even after their spouses found out about their relationship. I would most certainly expect that had I ever behaved like that in my marriage, my wife would most likely be taking garden shears to a certain part of my body. And I couldn’t blame her.

Look, Page and Strzok’s behavior was unethical, immoral, and probably fattening to say the very least. It was unprofessional for an FBI agent, and for an attorney to engage in that type of behavior while working for the federal government. Most people in that situation keep their politics to themselves, not flaunt it all over Washington, and try to overthrow a presidential election. If what they said and what they allegedly did was accurate, they both ought to be rotting in jail.

Page couldn’t believe that Donald Trump said she was guilty of treason. Actually, Page has a point here. Treason can only be committed during a time of war. And the last I checked, though we are in the midst of a holy war with radical Islam, it’s not a declared war. So, while Trump may be angry at Page, it isn’t because she committed treason. In essence, what Page did was edit text records. At least that’s the charge of Michael Flynn’s lawyers who pointed directly to Page.

In trying to play the victim, Page is getting about as much sympathy as the Democrats are getting in the impeachment inquiry. It seems that everyone that is close to trying to get Donald Trump out of office winds up with the same ball of feces on their face.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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