And They Think TRUMP Is Inappropriate?

Since when in politics is it ok to invoke the children of a politician? Is it right to go after Amy Carter when she tells Jimmy Carter how to handle nuclear weapons? Was it right for the press to attack the daughters of George W. Bush because of their affinity to partying? How about Chelsea Clinton? Was it proper to point out that her face looked like it was on fire and put out with a track shoe? C’mon people! We know better than that, right?

So, how does Stanford Law Professor, Pamela Karlan get away with keeping her job after attacking Baron Trump? During her testimony this week before Jerry Nadler’s kangaroo court, Karlan said that Trump may call his son “Baron”, but according to the Constitution, he’s not royalty. I know it was her trying to be funny. It wasn’t funny any more than any of the other things mentioned above. It was a terrible rebuke from someone that is teaching our students about what’s legal and what’s not? Maybe Ms. Karlan needs to take a class herself. Maybe Ms. Karlan needs a class on ethics and morality?

The Democrats love to attack the Republicans and certainly love to attack Donald Trump any time he attacks one of them. When he calls Hillary Clinton “Crooked” Hillary… when he calls Joe Biden “Sleepy” Joe Biden. When it lambastes pretty much anyone that disagrees with him, Democrats are quick to attack. And quite frankly, they should. There’s no place in presidential behavior for that sort of demeaning action. So, why aren’t the Democrats screaming about Karlan’s ill-timed, and brain-dead slam on Trump? Is it because we’re talking about Donald Trump? Why would that matter. He’s not the best-behaved president we’ve had, but he’s still a person. Would Karlan like it if I called her a two-faced, Elizabeth Warren backing, liberal lesbian feminist that could only get a job at a socialistic school like Stanford? Would she like it if I questioned her intelligence to get through law school when she doesn’t have the human decency to act like a normal human being in public? Probably not.

Yes, I know she apologized for her actions. Yes, I know that’s supposed to make everything right. It doesn’t. How about thinking before she opens her mouth. Is this the type of thing she’d do in a court of law? Would she slander a judge with such a comment during a trial? Is that what she’s teaching our kids?

This woman can’t be proud of her display in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. In fact, this is one more example out of the hundreds that are out there, that this whole impeachment thing is just a scam perpetrated by the left because they got their asses handed to them in the 2016 election (and they’re heading that way again!).

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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