The Box Pelosi Is In

As I watched Nancy Pelosi announce to the world that the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee should start and write the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, I felt in the back of my addled mind that there was somebody out of camera range holding a gun to her head. I really expected to see red laser dots show up on her forehead.

This was not a woman that wanted to move forward with impeachment. Oh, she’s going to because she “owes it” to her party…it’s what some of the more liberal factions want. But I think Nancy Pelosi understands how this soap opera plays out. And as I say to my wife anytime a character in a TV show gets killed off, “they wanted too much money”. That’s the way I think Nancy Pelosi feels today. She wanted too much power, she got it, and I think she’s really ruing the fact that she has to go through with it. She knows how this plays out.

Let’s face it. The Democrats could have not wasted everybody’s time and money had they just had a floor vote in the House to impeach Donald Trump and get it sent to the Senate. Is there any talking head on TV that has actually believed that the Senate is going to convict Trump based on what we’ve found so far? I know some of the idiot snowflake announcers on CNN and MSNBC are chomping at the bit to cover an impeachment trial, but the fact remains, the results are stacked against them. It’s going to take like 20 Republican Senators to cross over and vote against THEIR president. And I seriously doubt they are going to do it.

The Republicans learned after the impeachment of Bill Clinton that yes, you can use it as a political tool to make a point. And you’re going to pay a price for it at the polls. But it was different with Clinton in that they did it AFTER he had won reelection. It still hurt the GOP in the House the next cycle, but Clinton was safe…and it didn’t matter with the next candidate (which was Gore v. Bush). The impeachment was a long ways away from the next presidential election, and it really wasn’t an issue. Do you think this isn’t going to become a prevailing campaign issue? Do you really think the Republican House candidates aren’t going to use this against their sitting Democrat opponents? And do you really think that Donald Trump isn’t going to “wear it like a badge of courage”, like Bill Clinton said he’d do? If you think that way, you really need to rethink what’s going on here.

The Senate is going to go through with a full trial. And they want to run it up as close to the Iowa Caucuses on February 3rd as they can. That’s going to stop Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Michael Bennett from campaigning in Iowa, since they are going to be sitting in their “jury box” in DC. And that gives people like Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg a wide open state to campaign in! In the end, the Senate will vote pretty much along party lines to acquit Trump of the charges against him. And the Republicans will use the trial to say, “We went through and did a thorough investigation in this trial and there wasn’t any evidence there to convict.” That will be that.

No…Nancy Pelosi is smart enough to realize this. That’s why she didn’t want to talk about it once she announced that the Democrats were going to go ahead and write the articles of impeachment. It’s the worst kept secret in Washington.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “The Box Pelosi Is In

  1. I doubt there will be a trial in the Senate. If Trump is smart, he will let the Senate vote and acquit him the day they receive the Articles of Impeachment. I know he wants his day in court, but this is destroying the very fabric of our government and our society. Let the Senate kill the impeachment asap, replace some of these Left-wing idiots with with level-headed Republicans and re-elect Trump in 2020, and get on with the business of improving and healing our country.

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    1. See, I thought the same thing Gilbert…and then I saw Mitch McConnell say on TV that they weren’t going to kill the trial, but go through with it. I couldn’t believe they’d do that…but when I got thinking about it, it made sense. If they kill it on day one, it becomes a partisan vote. If they go through with the trial, even though it will be partisan, they can say the Dems didn’t prove he did anything wrong. Plus it screws up their early state campaigning for the Senators trying to run for president, and I’m all for that!

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      1. I understand all that, but I just see that process making things uglier over time.

        This impeachment farce has been illegitimate and unconstitutional from the start. That should be clearly stated by the Senate and then the whole thing quashed.

        A trial would give Schiff’s circus legitimacy, which would mean every time Congress has a political majority over the President’s party, we could see a repeat of this stupidity.

        It would give credence to the idea that you can impeach a president simply because you don’t like him.

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