Obamacare’s Problems

March 23 will become the 10th anniversary of the passing of the Obamacare legislation. And while America briefly flirted with it in terms of the likeability, it’s been a terrible piece of legislation that has hampered millions of Americans from actually getting individual healthcare insurance for the past several years.

There is no movement in Washington to fix the problems that its’ caused, nor to address the one good thing that it did for healthcare…get rid of pre-existing conditions. Some 43% of households in America have someone living there that has a pre-existing condition, and unless they or someone in their immediate family are working, they are forced to go on Obamacare in order to avoid that pitfall.

The problem facing Obamacare, and it will for the third time in ten years be going up in front of the Supreme Court again in the next few months, is that America doesn’t like it. It had a brief instance where acceptance reached about 55-60%, but has retreated to where about half the country hates it and half the country will tolerate it. And as you would guess, it’s pretty much along party lines.

Democrats are overwhelmingly in favor of it because they feel it gives underprivileged people the chance to get “reasonably priced” healthcare because of the government subsidies. Most independents and conservatives hate it because of the bite it gives if you happen to make too much money that year. You’re then billed for the overage at over-inflated rates. Now, the bite has been taken out of the bill since the IRS, which has to administer the penalties can only withhold your tax refund…so if you don’t get a tax refund, and actually owe money to the IRS come April, they really can’t hold it against you. Still, it scares most people to be going up against Uncle Sam.

Congress needs to put this impeachment thing on the back burner and fix this abortion. Better yet, what they need to do is to keep the pre-existing condition clause and make that federal law. That’s going to raise premiums, yes, but will also guarantee coverage to everyone. Then allow people to buy insurance across state lines, so that competition will be stronger. You don’t need to make people buy healthcare if you give them a good enough reason to buy it. And if you don’t allow people to escape paying their medical bills, that’s one way to get them back in the insurance pool.

Congress also needs to address the high cost of prescription drugs, and the high cost of hospital visits and the like. To receive a bill for $100,000 for a two night stay in the hospital would sink probably 98% of Americans! If we get medical costs in line with the rest of society, it goes a long way toward helping solve the medical crisis in this country.

Socialized medicine may work in Norway or Canada where they have fewer people than live in California. It won’t work here. We’re too big, and too impatient. I can’t see people waiting six months to have a hang nail removed. And do you have any idea what happens if you wait six months to see an oncologist? You won’t be seeing an oncologist…that’s what happens!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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