What Dems Are REALLY Worried About!

Oh, to be a Democrat today…you’d figure that with the impeachment vote just a week or two away, as soon as the Rules Committee passes it on to the floor of the House, it’d be grand, right? I mean, your number one nemesis of all time, Donald Trump is FINALLY going to be impeached!

So why in the world are the Democrats so worried?

And yes…they are worried. They are fearful even. And it’s because of a couple of reasons. And yes, Virginia, there may be a Santa Claus, but there is also ample reasons for those left of center to be biting their nails this holiday season. Let’s examine, shall we?

There will indeed be a bi-partisan vote on impeachment. But it’s not the bi-partisan vote that Nancy Pelosi or Jerry Nadler spoke of. It’s against impeachment. I’ve heard that anywhere between six and 12 of the 31 freshmen Democrats who are running for re-election for the first time in 2020 are going to have to bolt away from the party. This doesn’t bode well for the public perception that Trump was guilty. And it leads those in the party to realize the party is indeed split…never a good thing.

Second, there is a problem with the articles of impeachment. They only came up with two of them and let’s face it, “abuse of power”, and “obstruction of Congress” are about as lame as you can get when talking about removing a president from office and reversing the will of the people in a duly contested election! Most Democrats surveyed believe there will be blowback on this front.

Third, is the end game. Most Democrats realize that yes, they will have succeeded in impeaching Trump, but it doesn’t matter if the Senate overturns that and acquits him. And, as Mitch McConnell has said, that’s 100% going to happen. There is no way Donald Trump gets removed from office. So, why bother going through the charade? Again, blowback and the perception of wasted time (2 years of it!) don’t bode well for the leftists!

Do we even need to move on? Lets! Fourth is the problem that most Democrats see in the candidates running. Look, the field has been so weak that two additional candidates joined the field even though they have no chance of winning in any of the early states, don’t qualify for any of the debates leading up to Iowa and New Hampshire, and don’t have a prayer of winning the nomination. In 2016, there was the problem of the Bernie Sanders contingent not going out to vote for Hillary. They stayed home. in 2020, there is the same problem. It looks from here that Joe Biden will escape this gauntlet beaten up and badly bruised, but the nominee none the less. The real question is, will the people that support Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg actually go to the polls and help elect him? Without ALL of the Democrats moving in that direction, whomever is the nominee faces a very long road.

Now, there is one bright spot for Biden. IF he were to pick say, Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, it might bring some folks to the table. But it also will lose a lot. Biden doesn’t have the same energy he had last time he ran. And I don’t think the Democrats are really crazy about Elizabeth Warren waiting in the wings for the proverbial heart attack to happen. It could be a very poor choice. Buttigieg might be better for Sleepy Joe!

So, it would seem there’s plenty to worry about these days if you’re a Democrat. Makes me really glad I’m not!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “What Dems Are REALLY Worried About!

  1. And now some congressmen are even considering leaving the Democratic Party over this impeachment coup! Congressman Van Drew from New Jersey might be the first to escape!

    I think if Sleepy Joe 30330 wins the nomination it might very well kill him!?!?! Seriously….his campaign has already slacked off on doing too many rallies because Sleepy Joe 30330 just can’t keep-up and keeps screwing-up. He’s already been campaigning for several months and once the pace picks up after the first of the year he’s really going to be in trouble. I honestly believe that if he tries to keep up with Trump, who can do several campaign rallies in one day, it will put him in the hospital!

    This is gonna be fun to watch!

    For GOD and Country

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