Sanders Top Dog In Q4 Haul

Bernie Sanders did a remarkable job in raising money in the 4th Quarter of 2019 considering he started the quarter with a heart attack! He raised $34.5 million, far surpassing both Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang in fundraising. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren had not reported their totals at the time of the writing of this, though it’s thought Warren wouldn’t do any better than $20 million.

Biden has been having money problems all year. Buttigieg raised $24.7 million and Yang brought in $16.5 million.

All three Democrats were dwarfed however, by Donald Trump. The President’s money bag was the biggest of all, hauling in $46 million in the 4th quarter on top of $230 million in the second and third quarters combined. While Sanders is going to have to spend some of that $34.5 mil in places like Iowa and Vermont during the primary season, Trump can sit on his until the general election starts after this coming summer’s conventions.

While money isn’t the only determining factor in who’s going to win a presidential election, everyone knows that money is the lifeblood of politics. And if you don’t have to actually go forward and spend any money in the primaries in order to lock up your party’s nomination, it makes you that much more likely to be able to outspend your opponent come general election time.

And, it appears with Sanders’ latest haul that the two oldest guys running in the Democrat primary are going to be the two that probably take this all the way to the convention. Unfortunately for Sanders, and I’ve said before on this site, he’s much too liberal for the moderate Democrats and independents out there to win a general election. While he may be dragging the party to the left, that has it’s disadvantages as well.

As far as Warren goes, I’ll stick with the January 2nd prediction that she’s going to be the first of the remaining five (including Bloomberg) major candidates to drop out. Her money problems have only been exacerbated by her gaffes on the campaign trail, and while her “selfie line” is still long, when the money stops coming in, can you really afford to become president one snap shot at a time?

And so, it looks more and more like it will be a Trump/Biden matchup come fall. And for Biden, the only way he can even hope to defeat Trump is a) if Trump steps all over himself and gets himself into trouble (which he has done in the past), and/or b) he gets an uber leftist running mate like Sanders that will be able to bring the far left wing of the party along. That was one of Hillary’s problems in 2016. She never saw the rise of the socialist movement, and Tim Kane wasn’t anywhere near liberal enough for the party’s left wing base.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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