The BIG Announcement!

OK, I know some of you have been wondering where this was, and I wanted to make sure that it was up and running with no bugs before I made the announcement…but here it is. Of course, you know that you can always read The Lone Cactus Blog at, right?

And those of you that get the email or had signed up on the Facebook page, know you can also get the blogs at And of course, you know if you follow me on Twitter you can get the posts there as well.

Starting today, we’re up on YouTube!

That’s right. Not only do you get the actual blog in written form, but you can see my sometimes smilin’ face on YouTube each and every day doing the blog in video form. It’s pretty much the same blog you read about, but if you’re at YouTube, and you would rather watch than read, that option is now available to you. Just go to, and search for “The Lone Cactus”. You’ll see my home page where you can subscribe and ring the notification bell. That way, you’ll get email notification every time a new video posts, which should pretty much be every day at 7am MST. At least that’s the plan!

You can also leave comments, and let me know what you think (and yes… I know there is glare on my glasses from the computer screen!). Besides that, it’s pretty much a basic, no frills video, but you get the option now of watching rather than reading. The way I figure it, so many people start off their day at YouTube, why not include it as an option?

If you don’t want to watch videos, but prefer reading, you can do that as well. Nothing has changed in that regard. You’ll still get the same blogs the same way you always did. So, however you wanted to get them, we’ve got you covered!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

8 thoughts on “The BIG Announcement!

    1. Thanks! It’s not that hard, actually…just need a web cam, some sort of video editing device, and a YouTube account. I had it figured out in about an hour. You’d be GREAT at it! If you do it, let me know and I’d be happy to help you out!

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