Pelosi’s Gamble Fails

Chuck Schumer, the Minority Leader in the US Senate wanted to have a chance to interview people like John Bolton as a witness in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. He knew he couldn’t get that done though, because he doesn’t have the votes to force the Senate to do so. So, he turned to Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, to try and do it for him.

She failed.

Pelosi tried to withhold sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate until they were able to “understand” the type of trial which the Senate would be using. That way, Pelosi reasoned to the public, she could better choose her managers. Let’s get one thing straight. Nancy Pelosi already knows who her managers in the trial phase will be. She doesn’t need to change things up. And she knows enough about the Constitution that she doesn’t have the power to do what she’s doing. She’s doing it because the Democrats look bad, they haven’t changed America’s mind on impeachment, and they are losing credibility and public opinion every day that goes by that she doesn’t do it.

That’s why she’s going to be forced to turn over the articles without getting anything in return. Now, Nancy Pelosi, most people say is an astute politician. Most people say she doesn’t take uncalculated risks. But she did. She took a major one when she allowed the impeachment inquiry to move forward, thinking that Adam Schiff was going to move the needle on public opinion. He didn’t. All that came out of the hearings was that Adam Schiff was a liar and a cheat, and a partisan hack. Those were things we knew long before the impeachment inquiry began.

That was mistake number one. Mistake number two was that Nancy Pelosi decided after the vote was taken on the two articles of impeachment, and that no Republican jumped ship, that she was in a world of hurt and mis-calculated the whole affair. Thus, she held on to the articles hoping to get Mitch McConnell to bend a bit. He didn’t and she ends up having to wipe a mountain of egg off her face. Not a good look on a Speaker of the House!

So now there are at least eight Democrat Senators that are clamoring that Pelosi needs to release the articles so the Senate can get on with it’s part of this charade before Iran takes impeachment completely off the table of newsworthy events. It will happen, and she will have to walk away with nothing. She won’t like that one bit, but even members of her own party in the House are starting to question her openly. And that means more members are questioning her among themselves.

The Democrats will hurt themselves on this one. There’s no way about it. The end of this trial has been a foregone conclusion from the beginning. And now, we just await the final whistle. What a sad party Democrats have become!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Gamble Fails

  1. So…. let me see if I’ve got this right! Nancy finds Trump of violating the Constitution and files 2 articles of impeachment against him, but now she’s saying there isn’t really enough evidence to hold a trial in the Senate? Hmmmmm!

    What a great country!

    For GOD aand Country!

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    1. Well, what I THINK she’s trying to do is say that no crime has really been committed, but they need to press forward “because that’s what the House of Representatives wanted”. It’s a way for her to save face instead of wiping mounds of egg off a very old and aging face.


  2. The Democrats have been a sad party for a number of years now. Going back to how they publically treated George W Bush for beating Algore. They have weaponized the intelligence & FBI for their political purpose, along with an ever-deeper state in DC, working against the elected process. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler & Schumer all look like baffoons to the voting public.

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