In Case You Missed It…

My hunch is that most people aren’t really concerned about presidential politics in January, unless of course, you’re living in either Iowa or New Hampshire and you have a primary coming up in less than a month. That said, there are a lot of things going on that I found to be rather interesting. Maybe not to everybody, granted, but to some…so in case you took the weekend off this past weekend…I was catching up on emails from being gone for a week… but I found these to be interesting.

Nancy Pelosi: The Speaker of the House is about to turn over to the Senate her articles of impeachment that she has held on to for the past three weeks. It’s got her allies stumped because she’s not going to gain any concessions out of Senate Republicans as far as what is or is not going to be allowed during the trial phase. And, it’s yet another chink in the armor.

Donald Trump: IF the Senate DOES allow some witnesses, it appears that one of them won’t be John Bolton. The former White House aide is going to be on the sidelines as Trump told Laura Ingraham that he will use his Executive Privilege to keep Bolton from testifying.

Michael Bloomberg: The former NYC Mayor and billionaire has moved ahead of Pete Buttigieg as far as the Real Clear Politics average is concerned when it comes to the odds of being the Dems’ nominee. Oh, Biden still leads, followed by Bernie, and Warren, but Bloomberg has shot to fourth place. Buttigieg slipped to fifth. Is it time to head back to South Bend?

Marianne Williamson: Speaking of heading back home, Marianne Williamson called it quits on her campaign to become president Saturday. Not that anyone really cared or noticed. She had been in single digits in the polls, and hadn’t been doing well in fund raising. Just one more of the many body bags on the side of the road.

Iowa: Yeah, the first in the nation voting will be taking place in less than a month, at least on the Democrats side. Most don’t expect Joe Biden to win in Iowa. But, Iowans are having a problem. They are very concerned about voting for the wrong person for president in their caucuses. They like people like Elizabeth Warren, or Pete Buttigieg, but they don’t know as if they can beat Donald Trump in the fall. They’re probably right to be a little afraid.

Elizabeth Warren: Has she gone off the deep end? Warren, is now using, “The survival of our planet depends on the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election!” as a campaign issue. That’s frankly a little bit overboard. And, it doesn’t mesh with her giving dating advice, like she did during a town hall meeting this past week. Too much baggage, too little time to correct it.

And those were just the big stories!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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