“Paying The Price”

I think Nancy Pelosi has it backwards. But then again, I’ve never been one to think that she’s the smartest apple in the bunch. Pelosi, on This Week with George Stephanopolous on Sunday, said that if the Senate doesn’t allow witnesses, and doesn’t hold a “fair trial…they will pay a price.”

I’m of a different mindset.

I think that Nancy Pelosi and her House Democrats are going to pay a rather hefty price for wasting the last three years in pursuing an impeachment without a crime. As Democrats in the House finally get ready to send over the articles of impeachment to the Senate today, you have to look at what they’ve actually accomplished since taking over the House of Representatives in 2018. They’ve impeached a president over a telephone call with a foreign leader. It’s a phone call we’ve all read (or at least any of us that wanted to see the transcript), and only the most partisan hacks in this country feel there was anything wrong.

We had an “impeachment inquiry” that started with no floor vote in the House, only an Adam Schiff, “I Am GOD!” moment as he held closed door hearings and caucuses with his own party members without letting Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee to attend. He basically was free to set the rules as he saw fit and play fast and loose with “fairness”. Smacking of McCarthyism, Schiff lied throughout the process, stating on several accounts that he and his staff had never had any contact with “the whistleblower”, yet, it turned out, before the whistleblower even made their case public, they had contacted Schiff’s office for advice.

Once the House actually voted along party lines to approve the “impeachment inquiry”, and open the hearings to the public, the rules were skewed so that Republicans couldn’t call the witnesses they wanted, they were denied the right to question the witnesses that were there in the manner they needed to get the full story, and in the end, Schiff and his gang voted, again, strictly on party lines, that impeachment should be sent to the House Judiciary Committee.

It was there that Chairman Jerry Nadler held sway, and gave the country a primer in first year law school as seen through the eyes of three extremely liberal law professors, and one that was moderately conservative. Following our first year law survey course, we were treated to yet another partisan vote to send two articles of impeachment; Abuse of Power, and Obstruction of Congress, to the House floor (neither one of which is considered a crime).

During the debate on the House floor, Democrats railed that this president was the most corrupt figure in history, forgetting people like Andrew Johnson, Warren G. Harding, Richard Nixon, James Buchanan, Andrew Jackson, and yes, Barack Obama, who were MUCH worse! And, though Speaker Pelosi had once said that impeachment had to be something the American public was behind, and had to be non-partisan, only Democrats voted for the articles, with a few Democrats crossing over to vote with Republicans, and Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat presidential candidate, voting “present” on both accounts.

After the vote, Pelosi violated the spirit of the Constitution, if not the actual letter of the document, when she failed for three weeks to send the articles over to the Senate for trial. Instead, she tried to negotiate a way for Democrats to get witnesses like John Bolton to testify in front of the Senate. Republicans held their own, and Pelosi’s “Obstruction of Congress” was denied.

So, after hearing all of that, how much gall does it take to say that if the Senate doesn’t hold a “fair trial, they will pay a price”? How often can a person talk out of both sides of their mouth? And what price will the Democrats pay for their inability to get anything done in this congressional session, except hear reports they hope would be damning to Donald Trump? We will find out in November.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on ““Paying The Price”

  1. Nancy is a pretty smart cookie alright and very eloquent with the words but also devious and I cannot believe how she can say some things with a straight and convincing face. You mentioned impeachment without a crime. That never mattered to them because impeachment did not need a crime according to the Trump haters. That they hate him is their justification and then they began the Russia conspiracy in an attempt to frame him and his supporters. They were screaming impeach on election night 2016. Since they can’t win they have begun other subterfuge to change the rules like increase number of judges on Supreme Court, limit terms of judges on Supreme Court so they can be replaced by a new democrat president and do away with the electoral college and allow illegal immigrants to vote so to tilt the scale. They are the most corrupt group of scoundrels in history and far worse that the money grabbing crooks in our history. Their sins lie in usurping the sanctity of the Constitution while all along pledging they are out to protect it.

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  2. I know where you’re going with this. You’re implying that the November election would, or should be a landslide victory for Trump because of all the partisan unfairness and fact that the Dem’s have done nothing legislatively for their constituents, but I’m still cautious and apprehensive!

    You’re thinking is that of an honest, logical, and non-partisan person, but I fear there is a vast amount of Democrat’s out there blinded by their hatred of Trump, dedicated to their Party, funded by George Soros and with a head full of propaganda from the likes of MSNBC, and CNN that will vote against Trump no matter what. And because the country is pretty much a 50/50 mix, there’s no opportunity for the Republican’s to simply sit on their laurels!

    I think there’s still a big fight ahead but the saving grace will be there’s still some living Democrats who realize that the Party is no longer what it was. It has gone too far to the Left.

    I hope I’m wrong and it becomes another Reagan Mondale election where Trump wins 49 States!

    For GOD and Country

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    1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Tom. This isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Democrats NEVER concede power easily. What I’m saying is THEY will be the ones paying the price, not the GOP, for the impeachment fiasco. I know Democrats are all for it, but it’s the independents that will swing the election Trump’s way. Unless he falls on his male member in the next 10 months, he should win this one. Not in a landslide by any means, but he should win it…and the GOP should get a couple more Senate seats, and maybe even take back the House???


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