Impeachment Trial Day

As the Senate gets ready for the actual start of the Donald Trump Impeachment Trial, it hit me that Democrats are playing this as them being the “savior of the country” party. They say that they are protecting the Constitution, when actually nothing could be further from the truth.

Now, I’m dedicated to bringing everyone that reads this blog or watches the video of it the truth. When I see someone veer off of that path, be it Republican or Democrat, I announce it to the world. I’ve done it against Trump, and I’ve done it against a myriad of Democrats, because quite frankly, they have lied a lot more during Trump’s presidency.

For Democrats to even feign that this is “a solemn day” in our nation’s history is a lie. They’re gleeful that they were able to take back the House of Representatives in 2018, and that their only real business they’ve done over the past year is they’ve investigated Donald Trump several times, and finally decided on the one thing that they could impeach him on. That’s not what I would call “protecting the Constitution” or being a “savior”.

Democrats have made this phone call out to be the absolute worst case of presidential abuse of power since the dawn of our nation. They must have forgotten about Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s attempts, some very successful by the way, to steer this country toward socialism and to pack the Supreme Court with his cronies when they tried to bring him back to the path of a Democratic Republic. Let’s get one thing straight. As I have said numerous times before, the phone call with Ukrainian president Zelensky, was NOT perfect. But it contained nothing in it that was impeachable. Joe Biden basically said worse and admitted to it in public. Barack Obama told Dmitry Medvedev, who was Prime Minister of Russia between 2012 and 2020 that he “would be a lot more flexible in conceding terms of nuclear deals to the Russians after his re-election” in 2012. That wasn’t as bad as asking Zelinsky to look into possible criminal actions by a US citizen?

As both Republican and Democrat pundits have pointed out from day one, this is nothing more than a charade foisted by the Democrats for whatever reason they can come up with. Pelosi says it’s to “put the stain on impeachment on Trump forever”. Yeah, Bill Clinton proved that’s not such a big deal. Others feel that the real reason was to take back the Senate in 2020, so the Democrats could stop Trump’s conservative takeover of the judiciary branch through his appointments. That, and they realize that there are two liberals on the US Supreme Court that most likely will be gone in the next four years and they can’t afford to have them replaced by conservatives! If you want the truth, THAT is the real reason for impeachment.

But I see it differently. I see the Republicans adding maybe three seats in the Senate, and certainly closing the gap, if not actually re-taking the House. Everyone at this point believes Trump is going to be re-elected, which I’m also confident of, but wary. Remember…at this point four years ago, everyone felt Hillary Clinton would be the first female president! It ain’t over till it’s over.

The last point is this. This impeachment trial hasn’t stained Donald Trump. It’s put a partisan smear on House Democrats that they will never live down. They are no longer the “big tent party”. They are now the party of partisan hacks.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Impeachment Trial Day

  1. Just this evening Schiff caught in another episode of lies, he apparently holds felons in high esteem. What I want to know is: If Adam S. and his 6 teammates keep pounding how they have overwhelming evidence (and they play the same harp) against Trump on the 2 articles (no actual impeachable crimes), then why not march forward; they shouldn’t need “anything” else (not witnesses/nothing)? If they have such overwhelming evidence as they all claim……? Logical thinking people, even the slightest of logical people know why, because they don’t have it. Adam (BS) Schiff has surrounded his team with a strategy of lying. Another thing (see you let me get started), I am sick and tired already of hearing Schiff ask “Wouldn’t you like to see it? But wouldn’t you like to see it, the notes (etc.).” Will yeah Adam and let’s start with your WHISTLEBLOWER.

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    1. So well put, my friend! Look, I agree completely that the Dems have overplayed this monstrousity to their own egotistical delights. They felt all along that to impeach Trump would make him unelectable, they could widen their gap in the House and take back the Senate and do to Trump what he did to Obama…make him irrelevent. It hasn’t work. It hasn’t because justice is very slow, but it’s wheels grind very fine. Adam Schiff is a liar, convicted and sentenced. Jerry Nadler is a squat little pumpkin and not very smart. Nancy Pelosi got hornswaggled into thinking they could pull this off…and they can’t!

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