EXTRA: Impeachment – Day One

It was well after midnight when it happened. There were a total of eight Democrat “amendments” to Mitch McConnell’s rules as to how the Senate would run during impeachment. Adam Schiff spent the better part of the first day getting handed his rear end on identical 53-47 party line votes every time he made a proposal. So, at midnight, when Jerry Nadler stood up to make an amendment that called for the appearance of John Bolton as a witness, the Trump legal team had heard enough and erupted.

Nadler had said that if the Republicans didn’t go along with it, it would be a “cover-up”. He added, it would be a “treacherous vote”. At that point, White House Counsel, Pat Cipollone told Nadler he should be embarrassed for addressing the United States Senate in that manner and that he wasn’t in charge of the impeachment…that he should sit down and shut up.

It took Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, presiding at the trial, to admonish both sides.

As you can imagine, the next few days probably aren’t going to play out very well for the Democrats. They have tried to play this whole impeachment thing as “protecting the Constitution”, and that they were trying to unseat a president that had gone off the rails. What they failed to do was show any proof. They still don’t have proof, though they are screaming that both articles of impeachment (obstruction of Congress, and abuse of power) has enough evidence on it’s own to oust Donald J. Trump immediately!

My question is simple. If you already have shown enough evidence to take Trump down…if you already have proven to the American people beyond any reasonable doubt that Trump has abused his power and has obstructed Congress more than Nancy Pelosi has in holding on to the articles of impeachment for a month, why don’t you sit there, and make the case to the Senate? Why do you need eight amendments on Day One of the trial to try and introduce more evidence, and bring more witnesses to the table? Shouldn’t you have done that already in the House investigation? Why would you make the Senate do the House’s work?

The fact of the matter is, in Day One of this trial, the House has failed. They failed in all of their attempts (at least at this point…the witnesses may come back at a point up the road) to get more witnesses that they never subpoenaed in the House investigation. They have failed in trying to get more “evidence” that they never uncovered in the House investigation. It’s like the school kid that comes to the big test totally unprepared and asks the teacher for the answer to the first question. Does he really think he’s going to get it? Had the Dems’ been prepared, they would have gotten the witnesses and the information they are seeking. But they weren’t. And so they have instituted this charade that they have indisputable evidence that Trump has been the most vile president in history.

America will learn one thing during the trial. It will learn that the Democrats have, once again, been lying to us during this whole masquerade. They have shaded the truth, they have been the truth, they have broken the truth. And there will be a price to pay for their dishonesty.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “EXTRA: Impeachment – Day One

  1. The whole thing is so ho-hum. We’ll all be glad when it is over and we can get back to getting some work done – that is if the Dems understand or remember what that is all about.

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