Adios Michelle’s Lunch!

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Michelle Obama’s big contribution to society was to “improve” the school lunch of our nation’s youngsters. She wanted to replace pizza and chicken nuggets with fruits and vegetables. It was met with absolute disgust among the nation’s school children, and parents across the country scrambled to do a work-around. If the school wasn’t going to give the kids something the kids thought was edible, the parents would step in and help.

I saw this first hand with my granddaughter when I visited them in the Houston area. Now, I’ll start off by saying, this is a very nice community, very upscale, the schools aren’t strapped for cash like a lot of public schools are these days. And what I saw was amazing. My daughter-in-law had to stop at McDonald’s on the way to dropping me off so I could have lunch with my granddaughter at her school. She got the ubiquitous chicken McNuggets, and fries and a soda pop for her, and over to the school we went.

This wasn’t the only kid in that school that had lunch delivered that day. In fact, there was no line to get food from the cafeteria. Parents were jammed in the parking lot delivering their kids their lunch. So, I strolled on over to the cafeteria lady working the line and asked her how her day was going. She shrugged, and said, “Same as always”. I asked if she had anyone come through the line for the school’s food and she said, “Not anymore!’

That told me a lot right there. She said they ended up throwing out most of the veggies and fruits that they buy because none of the kids would eat them. And they had a decent selection. There was salad, carrots, tomatoes, some pinto beans, a good selection of melons, apples, pears, and oranges, and no one in line.

So, it’s pretty safe to say that Michelle Obama’s attempt to get America’s kids to eat better failed. Well, then I read the article at “Impact 2020”. It said that kids increased their veggie consumption a whopping 16% because of Michelle. So, that means that actually had been eating veggies BEFORE the program! And as I continue to vent about this waste of taxpayer money, take a look at what some of the schools out there were actually serving.

Donald Trump has decided to roll back the Michelle Obama era food guidelines. And to make a point that he realizes what a fool she was for trying this, he’s doing it on her birthday! Schools raised their prices for lunch on average 55 cents after the initiative was instituted. That was basically the first increase that they had in over 6 years in most cases.

Sonny Purdue, the Agriculture Secretary, said that he knew the new guidelines were going to be better accepted, while still being nutritious. As he put it, “I’ve got 14 grandchildren, and there is no way that I would propose something if I didn’t think it was good, healthful, and the right thing to do.” Of course, Democrats are screaming left and right that yet another of Obama’s cherished legacy items has bitten the dust. And of course, the over-blown “using catsup as a vegetable” crap the Dems’ love to foist on the public, and “taking food out of the mouths of our children” can be heard through the halls of congress.

In the end…it won’t matter. Kids will eat, what kids will eat. At some point, they will find fruits and vegetables and will embrace them. You can’t legislate love, and you can’t legislate dinner!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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