The Hundred Person March?

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I want you to remember back a little more than three years ago, when Donald Trump was elected president. Do you remember the protests that took place? Every major city in America had literally millions of people on the streets decrying the fact that Trump had beaten Crooked Hillary Clinton! How dare he deny Queen Hillary her “rightful” spot as our nation’s leader?

Let’s fast forward to today. Donald Trump takes out Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian general that has butchered hundreds if not thousands of American lives, and overall, probably in the millions of people, including Iranians. The day after Trump announced that Soleimani was dead, it was basically 100 people in Chicago protesting “No War In Iran”. In Boston, about 200 people picketed. In LA, the number was a dozen, though the weather was much nicer. So I have a question to ask…

Where is all the protest against Trump today?

We’ve gone from filling the Mall in Washington DC with liberal women, to people that can’t even fill the steps of the Los Angeles City Hall. What’s happened in the last three plus years that’s changed America is such a drastic way that the people have been staying home in droves rather than protesting?

Well, let’s look at this a little closer. The stock market sets new records on almost a daily basis. It’s up about 62% since Trump took office. The economy has grown at numbers Trump’s predecessor said we’d never achieve again. Employment in this country is at record highs, and employment for minorities, especially blacks and Hispanics is at historical highs. Wages have risen for the first time in 10 years. And the doom and gloom that was predicted when Trump was elected has become gossamer.

Trump’s foreign policy, while in stark contrast to Bobo Obama’s, has proven to be effective. His dealing in trade has brought the US closer to at least a level playing field, instead of being taken advantage of. True, there is conflict in the Middle East, as there has been for thousands of years. And yes, Russia has flexed it’s muscle again, but could we ever really say that they were our ally?

And that is where the people have gone. They’ve realized that Donald Trump isn’t so bad after all. He’s not taken the nation and thrown us off a cliff. He’s guided us, at times boasted a little too much, certainly hasn’t been the most “presidential” in terms of his actions or words. But he’s done the right thing more often than the wrong thing. And that is where the people have gone. They’ve gone back home to enjoy their new found rewards for being an American. And yes…in a lot of cases, but not all, Donald Trump’s policies have made America great again!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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