The Bolton Bombshell?

John Bolton, the guy that was a White House National Security Adviser for Donald Trump, has leaked a manuscript from his upcoming book. Actually, from a marketing prospective, it’s a brilliant move. But the leak includes a part that says that yes, Donald Trump explicitly felt that as long as the Ukrainians withheld their investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden, they shouldn’t be getting the $393 million in aid that was promised. Of course, Democrats are all excited to hear this! Donald Trump, on the other hand says it’s not true and that Bolton is out trying to sell books.

My take is a little bit different.

Let’s say that Bolton’s recall of the situation is 100% accurate. Let’s say that Trump really did explicitly say that we needed to withhold the aid unless and until the Bidens were investigated. So what? Didn’t Joe Biden, as Vice President of the United States, tell the Ukrainians that he was going to withhold money for them until they fired a prosecutor that was looking into Hunter Biden’s firm? And didn’t Sleepy Joe even brag about doing it in public? Let’s say Bolton’s account is true…what difference does that make? At the time it was done, there was no guarantee that Joe Biden was going to be the Democrat nominee for president. Hell, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren could beat him, and still could today!

The Democrats throw a LOT on this whole phone call. They insist that Trump was trying to have a potential candidate from the other side investigated for wrong-doing. Isn’t that what the DOJ and the FBI were actually doing in 2016 dealing with one Hillary Rodham Clinton? And couldn’t (and she’d say “didn’t”) that have had a major outcome in the election results?

This whole thing is bogus from the beginning. If Hunter and Joe Biden were engaged in illegal stuff, they should indeed be called on it…just like Hillary was called on it. And if being investigated because you were up to your neck in illegalities means you lose an election, I’d blame the party that nominated you. If they knew you were crooked, and still nominated you, you got what you deserved!

This is all just one more attempt by Democrats to try and prove that somehow, some way, Donald Trump is and always has been some sort of illegal president. They just can’t bring themselves to the fact that he’s beating them at their own game with absolutely zero experience in politics. And they can’t believe that he would defeat someone who was “supposed to win the White House”, by whomever is pulling Hillary Clinton’s strings.

No, I’m sorry. I’ve listened to the left’s argument on this one, and it comes up woefully short. If you’re going to nail Trump for what he did, you have to nail Biden for what he did as well. Then it’ll be a Pence versus Bernie race in November. I wonder how that one would turn out?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

One thought on “The Bolton Bombshell?

  1. I’m so sick and tired of this ying yang. Why don’t they get off their lazy duffs and get some real work done. Thank God Trump is still working. Life goes on!


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