Pelosi’s Insanity

Nancy Pelosi was never one to be thought of as the “smartest person in the room”. Sometimes her comments turn into rambling diatribes. More often than not, it’s been fodder for the Republicans to prove that she’s not only not capable of being Speaker of the House, they believe she’s not sane enough or healthy enough to be a Representative.

Pelosi didn’t do herself any favors after Republican Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) came out on Thursday and said that there was no need for witnesses, and he would be voting against calling witnesses. That coupled with Lisa Murkowski’s comments on Wednesday, and Cory Gardner’s feelings that witnesses weren’t needed basically meant that there would not be enough GOP votes to give the Democrats the witnesses they want.

That’s when Pelosi went into action. She was rather upset this entire impeachment hoax came out the way it did, and lost no time venting. She said that even if the Senate votes for exoneration and acquittal, Trump cannot be acquitted without witnesses and the additional documentation that the Democrats are seeking. That probably would have come as a surprise to the Founding Fathers. Her exact quote was, “He will not be acquitted,” Pelosi insisted during her weekly news conference, and reported by Politico. “You cannot be acquitted if you don’t have a trial. You don’t have a trial if you don’t have witnesses and documentation and all of that. Does the president know right from wrong? I don’t think so.”

Of course, that wasn’t all. Pelosi unloaded on the President’s defense team, saying, “I don’t know how they can retain their lawyer status, in the comments that they’re making,” Pelosi told reporters, according to The Hill. “I don’t think they made the case. I think they disgraced themselves terribly in terms of their violation of what our Constitution is about and what a president’s behavior should be.”

Look, I get the fact Nancy is upset with the way all of this turned out. She was basically sold a bill of goods by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, and she’s aware she’s going to have to pay the price for it. But, quite honestly, she doesn’t get a say as to whether or not Trump’s defense team made the case or not. It doesn’t matter to anyone if she feels they “disgraced” themselves in what the Constitution is about. If she’s upset that this turned into a partisan jousting match, she only has Adam Schiff to blame. Remember, he’s the one that started down that path during the investigation phase.

As far as not having witnesses or adding documentation, that’s the House’s job. Just because they wanted to rush the investigation and not subpoena the witnesses they now want to call, and go through a court case to resolve the issues, as they should have, it’s not the Senate’s fault…nor is it their job. Her people blew it. Schiff and Nadler hurried their way through this charade. To try and turn the tables on the Republicans in the Senate for the House’s failure to put together a cogent argument for impeachment (when no crime has been committed) is a fool’s argument. Pelosi has fallen for it, and needs to be dressed in a fool’s hat for the rest of her time in the House.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

17 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Insanity

  1. Now….if the Republican’s are smart, and we know they’re not, immediately after Trump’s acquitted they need to announce committee investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden along with questioning Adam Schiff and the whistle-blower. You know damn well that if the Republican’s don’t immediately go on offense they’re going to be required to go on defense, again, defending the next imaginary Democratic criminal accusation. This is by no means over!

    P.S. I just hope Trump doesn’t say anything stupid about the impeachment at the State of the Union Address. Not the time nor the place. He need not stoop down to the Democrat’s level.

    For GOD and Country

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    1. I whole-heartedly agree about the GOP opening investigations into Bidens (both of them), and Schiff. And yes…bring the whistleblower into it as well. As far as the SOTU is concerned, wait for a minute…it’s supposed to be Tuesday night. I’ve heard rumblings that Democrats are going to boycott, which would be just like them following the “he hasn’t been acquitted because there wasn’t a trial” crap!


  2. I think if that happens it will only hurt the Dem’s more. Sure, their base will love it but I think the more rational and moderate Dem’s will see it as “you play by my rules or I’m taking my football and going home”!

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    Pelosi considers the work of the defense lawyers as unconstitutional only when things don’t go her way. Its unconstitutional for them to defend Trump. It is their job to defend their client however they can as long as it is legal. They broke no laws. The Senators broke no laws. It was their decision how the trail would proceed. They did all they could do under the law to defend their client. They DID their job, if the Dem. House managers fail, they failed on their own merit. END OF STORY!

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    More evidence of Democrats/Pelosi’s “FATAL ATTRACTION” to the President. Time for the “strait jacket,” a strong garment with long sleeves which can be tied together to confine the arms of a violent prisoner or mental patient.



    1. First of all, thanks for the RB, Jane! Secondly, I kinda, sorta think you’re on to something. Frankly, Nancy would look good in a straight jacket. It might start a whole fashion trend. Maybe we could get all the starlets at the Oscars to wear it???


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