The Death Of Mainstream Media

As I sat and watched the coverage on Friday of the vote to deny witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, it became very clear to me that two things have happened in our country. The first is the Democrats’ unwavering desire to get their way, even if they have to defy logic, reason, and the law in order to do it. The second is the death of mainstream media.

Let’s look at both of these issues.

Democrats couldn’t get to media microphones fast enough to declare that Donald Trump wouldn’t be “acquitted” because in order to be “acquitted” you have to have a trial, and you don’t have a trial without witnesses and further documentation. They totally forget that part of the whole trial process was the House’s job, and the House failed in their job. And they forget that the Senate sets the rules for the trial and just because a court of law runs a certain way, doesn’t mean that Congress runs the same way in trials they hold. If they did, then the President’s defense team would have been able to call witnesses, and cross examine them in the House inquiry stage of this fiasco.

The other thing I find to be sad, being a former member of the media, is the death of mainstream media. Journalists used to be non-partisan. As liberal as Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite were, you never knew it by their on-air persona. Chet Huntley and David Brinkley were equally liberal, but again, they played it down the line when the red light of the camera was on.

In today’s media, it’s a free for all. You’ve got people on CNN and MSNBC that relish in the fact that they proudly wear their liberalism on their sleeve and damn anyone that disagrees with them. That’s not journalism. That’s partisan hacking. And what it’s led to is a total blatant disregard to societal norms that call for our media, the media that are supposed to be protected under the First Amendment, to be fair, balanced, and honest. In today’s world, you have a media that consistently makes up stories, spins views to their way of thinking without presenting both sides, and spoon feeds their viewership into believing that they are the right view and everyone else is wrong. That’s not media. That’s partisanship.

It is hurting all media. Newspapers have become dinosaurs, and this constant bickering partisanship that we see out of Grand Old Ladies like the New York Times, and the Washington Post has hastened their decline and their death. Neither newspaper makes money any more. They continually cut staff, and continue to spew their venom…not realizing that it’s the venom that is helping accelerate their decline. It’s not the only reason…there is a life cycle to media, and newspapers and magazines are at the end of theirs. They will indeed die out eventually, but it’s been sped up by ten or twenty years.

The decline in viewership at the three major network newscasts (ABC, CBS, NBC) has shown that while they still maintain a slightly larger audience than the cable newschannels, it is slipping faster than the Titanic into the sea. Meanwhile, viewership at CNN, once the flagship of news around the world, has become a joke. When you have people like Don Lemon, Morning Joe, and the like breaking down in laughter during a newscast segment? There’s nothing unbiased and news-worthy about that.

Media is dying because of liberalism. Our country is not liberally based. We are a country that is a center to center-right country, and always have been. Yes, there have been instances when the liberals have tried to drag us left of center, like back in FDR’s day, but what happened after he and Harry Truman left office? We went sliding back to the center and the right under Eisenhower. The same thing happened between Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon. And, the same thing happened more recently between Bobo Obama, and Donald Trump. The only problem is, the media hasn’t caught on to that. I guess they forgot to teach history in J School!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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