So What IF Buttigieg Gets The Nod?

All of a sudden, after a surprisingly strong showing in the Iowa Caucuses, South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg is starting to be taken seriously as the nomination process heads to New Hampshire. So, what happens IF? There are a lot of “what if’s” roaming around out there. What IF Bernie Sanders wins the nod? What IF Elizabeth Warren gets out of the race and her people go to Sanders? What IF Pete Buttigieg actually gets the nomination?

Well, let’s explore this.

First of all, IF Bernie Sanders gets the nod and wins the nomination, you can be sure that the millions of Bernie fans that sat home when Hillary got the nomination, will be out in force. That said, you can pretty much be assured that the rest of the party will either stay home, or look for a third party candidate…possibly Michael Bloomberg or someone else running as an independent. They won’t be voting for Bernie because tried and true Democrats don’t see Bernie as a Democrat. They see him as an independent socialist. And I think he’d be pretty easy pickings for Donald Trump in any debate. Bernie can’t hold his own as well as he used to in debates, and he proved that in the primary debates so far. Trust me…none of those guys are as well skilled at debating as Donald Trump is.

So, what if Elizabeth Warren gets out of the race? I don’t think at this point many people feel she can get the nod, and there are quite a few Democrats that I’ve spoken with that think it would be a mistake for Democrats to nominate a woman who loses…especially after they nominated Hillary who got shellacked four years ago. If that were to happen, it might set back women in the top position on the liberal side of the fence for a decade or two. I don’t see that happening. So, what if she gets out of the race? Well, the obvious answer is, her people would start to follow Bernie. I don’t know anyone else in the race right now that’s more liberal, more socialist, more progressive than Sanders. It would be a natural transition. And then you can go back and re-read the paragraph on what happens if Bernie gets the nod all over again!

Finally, what happens if Pete Buttigieg is nominated? That’s an interesting question, and Joe Biden took a swipe at him in New Hampshire earlier this week. Biden said that Buttigieg, who’s only political experience has been mayor of a mid-sized midwestern town, doesn’t have the experience to tackle tough national problems yet…and he’s probably right about that. Mayor Pete may have more charisma than any of the other candidates out there, and may have the likability factor going for him, but he’s not going to be able to shed the fact he’s more of a neophyte than Trump ever was. At least Trump run a business that is worth more than South Bend, Indiana!

The only thing the Democrats can hope for at this point is that Sleepy Joe gets some wind at his back and climbs back into this thing. He’s about the only one of the top four candidates that would stand a chance in hell against Trump, and that’s a long shot because he’d end up losing the uber-leftist socialists that are backing Warren and Sanders…some 44% of the voters in Iowa! Truth be told, the Democrats really have their backs to the wall this year. Unless someone like a Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey decides to jump in at the convention and “save the party” from socialism, the party could very well do as John Kerry pointed out, and go down in flames.

That’d be a sad day because you need to have a bad guy to vanquish, and as bad as the liberals are at coming up with good ideas and being responsible stewards, you have to have someone to compare the conservatives to!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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