What IF Bernie Wins?

Sanders could make the argument that he’s two for two when it comes to the primary and caucus season on the Democrat side. So, maybe it’s time to face reality? Maybe it’s time to ask the question, what happens IF Bernie Sanders ends up being the Democrats’ nominee for president? And, God forbid, what happens IF Bernie Sanders is actually successful and wins the White House?

Well, if we look at the first part of that equation first, we can see that there is going to be an uproar in the Democrat party. Bernie is not viewed by mainstream Democrats as a Democrat. He’s viewed as an outsider. Now, quick question…can you name someone else that was viewed as an outsider in HIS bid for the presidency? Second, Bernie is a lot older looking and more “Andy Rooneyesque” than Donald Trump is. Trump hits you in the face with a brick when it comes to barbs. Sanders is like the crotchety old man that tells you to get out of his yard as he is sitting on the front porch. He’s not the kind of guy that you necessarily think of as a Kennedy-type of presidential candidate. Not like a Bobo Obama, or a John Kerry.

Where Bernie is going to run into real problems is IF he gets elected. Let’s just say that he gets enough young kids who want their student loans thrown out and college to be free, and he wins the White House. What then? Well, he can’t just do away with the loans. He’s going to need Congress’ help. And do you think that the traditionalists in Congress are going to want to help him? You thought the Never Trumpers were bad? You oughta wait to see this push to the left backfire! First of all, Bernie isn’t going to be able to deliver on any of his promises. He isn’t going to get the Green New Deal through because there aren’t the votes there, even if the House stays Democrat and they take over the Senate. Second, Democrats will treat him worse than the GOP treated Trump when he first got into office. He’s an outsider with the Democrat party. Oh, he loves them when he caucuses with them…and he loves them when he runs nationally for president. But the minute the campaign is over, he’s an independent again!

No, Bernie Sanders is going to have a miserable time accomplishing anything in office. The country isn’t going to be behind him at all, and certainly Congress isn’t. He will start to push the Supreme Court more leftward, as RBG and Stephen Breyer both retire. But beyond that, I can’t see how he’s going to get anything done. If you need proof for that, look at what he’s been able to accomplish in the 14 years he’s been in the Senate. Bupkus. Need more proof? Look at what he did the previous 16 years when he was in the House of Representatives. Bupkus. The man takes up oxygen and turns it into carbon dioxide…which he can’t do if he passes the Green New Deal. Other than that, he’s probably better suited to take a place in Statutory Hall.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “What IF Bernie Wins?

  1. He won’t get the traditional union democrat vote or endorsements. They don’t want to lose their health care. They’ll shift to republican in droves like they did for Nixon at the expense of George McGovern. Those Squat 4 women in congress will also drive thousands for the democrat party. Not saying they’ll switch to Trump but if they stay home on election day it will help us republicans win. All the Russia Gate related indictments soon to come out should also change the conversation dramatically. Dems are screaming for the elimination of AG and IG before it hits the fan . I can;t wait. Hang’em all. and lock her up.

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    1. Somehow, I don’t think they are going to lock her up…someone somewhere is pulling her strings and those in power know it. But you’re right about Bernie. I really don’t think unless it becomes an ABT (Anybody But Trump) syndrome, he has a chance…and Bloomberg is slowly joining him (read my blog on Monday!).

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