Bloomberg’s Problems

I told you this past weekend about the problems with Bernie Sanders becoming the nominee for president on the Democrats’ side of things. But as Michael Bloomberg is gaining momentum, he seems to be stepping in it quite a bit! Let’s look at that.

First of all, you’ve got the old “Pay To Play” problem. Democrats are not happy with the fact that Mini Mike is throwing, at this point, upwards of $300 million at his campaign, and said he wouldn’t mind throwing over a billion at it! That has a lot of folks talking about him “buying the election”, which doesn’t sit well with most Americans. And while I think Bloomberg is going to do OK in some of the Super Tuesday states, and I can tell you he’s buying airtime left and right out here in the desert, where our primary isn’t until March 17th (a month from today). I’m already hearing from Democrats and Republicans alike that they don’t like the fact he could buy the White House.

Secondly, he’s got a race problem. Rudy Giuliani came out with “Stop and Frisk” back when he was Mayor of New York. Bloomberg came after Giuliani, and kept the practice going. You’ve read by now some of the stuff Bloomberg said about it…how most of the crime was in the minority neighborhoods, so that’s where the police should be…and that the MO (Modus Operandi) of those that murder and get murdered are pretty much non-whites between the ages of 16 and 28 or something like that. How do you think that’s going to sit with the minority voters in California? Or New York? Or here in the desert southwest?

Now, Bloomberg comes at a third problem. At a time when most Democrats are tired of the Clintons, and sick and tired of hearing Hillary complain about how she “beat Trump, and yet he’s in the White House”, Mike decides that she could just be a great running mate for him. That in and of itself, would upset a lot of Democrats, though I’m sure the Republicans would love to see Hillary lose yet another election! There is one small fly in the ointment of that. Under the 12th Amendment, the President and Vice President cannot be from the same state. Remember back in 2000? George W. Bush had been the Governor of Texas, so there was no question he lived there. His running mate was Dick Cheney, who in 1995 moved to Dallas to become head of Halliburton. It was challenged in court, but the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the case because Cheney was from Wyoming and had maintained a residence there (and represented Wyoming in Congress).

Either way, when you add up the baggage that Bloomberg brings to the table, and the fact he really hasn’t been vetted by voters yet since he hasn’t participated in any debates, it’s going to be interesting to watch him burn through a billion dollars of his own money only to slink back to the Big Apple with his tail between his legs!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Problems

  1. Well, you’ve got it a little wrong on the Twelfth Amendment. It’s the Electors who cannot vote for both the President and Vice President who inhabits the same state as themselves. The electors cast separate votes for the President and Vice President, and the reason for the restriction is to dilute the power of the larger states and force the Electors to look beyond supporting their own allies.

    For GOD and Country

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    1. OK…I think you may have misinterpreted what I was saying, but the meaning is still the same thing…voters (you and I) can certainly vote that way because we only cast ONE ballot (they run as a team). But you don’t get elected unless you actually get the Electoral College Electors votes, which ends up at the same place.


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