AOC’s Big Problem!?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a problem, and I think she knows it. AOC was at a rally to kick off her re-election campaign this past week, and told those in attendance that she wanted to see four times the people that came out to have her upend long-time Congressman Joe Crowley in the Democrat primary. That was two years ago in a very heavily Democrat district. But AOC’s got some rather big problems of her own this time around!

Just as Crowley got “primaried” two years ago, and ended up losing to AOC in the primary, virtually guaranteeing her a win in November, this year could be the same thing in reverse. After spreading her message far and wide, and becoming the media darling of the socialist left, AOC is finding that she isn’t just getting primaried…she’s going to get nailed. There are no fewer than a dozen Democrats that have signed up to have a crack at her. And after fighting hard to make sure Amazon didn’t locate a headquarters in New York City, costing thousands of jobs and millions in taxes, New Yorkers were rather cool to the freshman Congressman. She hasn’t made a lot of friends after that either, foregoing the opportunity to be a team player and contribute to the Democrat’s House Fund, to insure that more Dems get elected to Congress. Instead, AOC devised her own fund that would back very liberal Democrats against more moderate Dems. That didn’t sit too well with the Democrat heirarchy.

There are also three Republicans, who in all honesty don’t stand much of a chance of beating any of the dozen Democrats that are vying for the position. So, the real battle will be June 23rd when New York holds the primary for Congress…and the 14th District is very likely to be the one that gets all the headlines that day.

You haven’t heard a whole lot from AOC lately, as she and the whackjob four have been rather quiet. Actually Ocasio-Cortez has been out on the campaign trail with Bernie Sanders…which was surprising since you would have thought she would have backed uber-leftist and somewhat feminist, Elizabeth Warren. But instead, AOC is backing Sanders to the hilt.

Nonetheless, Ocasio-Cortez is looking at an uphill battle to retain her seat. Maybe she’s going to learn the lesson that once you get elected to Congress…you probably would do yourself a favor to keep quiet for a while and learn the process before opening your gaping yap!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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