Being Consistent

I’m a consistency guy. Just because circumstances may change, or that one party is in charge, doesn’t mean that it’s any different when the other party takes over. Likewise, in law. If it’s illegal, it’s illegal. It can’t be illegal for you to do something and legal for me to do the same thing (assuming we’re both what I would call “ordinary citizens”, and not members of the police or whatever).

So, you can understand my angst, when it gets reported by Alan Dershowitz, the famed attorney, that Bobo Obama actually personally asked the FBI to investigate someone on behalf of one George Soros. Yeah, the same George Soros that has pulled the puppet strings of liberals in this country for decades.
The person Soros wanted investigated wasn’t identified, but does that really matter?

There is all of this back and forth going on in DC because of Donald Trump’s tweeting about Roger Stone’s sentencing being too harsh. He never, according to Attorney General, William Barr, contacted Barr and told him to reduce the sentencing that the government was asking for. That seems to me that Bobo Obama’s actions went above and beyond “an abuse of power” that Trump did. If it’s not OK to tweet to the world about something the Department of Justice is doing, is it OK to personally get involved and ask the FBI to investigate a private citizen because a dual-citizenship puppet master wants it done?

I don’t care what side of the political fence you’re on. When it comes to stuff that the left is screaming about with Donald Trump, we need to play it down the middle. I’ve always said that I support Trump as my president unless and until he violates the Constitution, and it’s proven. I’m not talking about some Adam Schiff designed conspiracy theory that only Schiff seems to believe. Or if he’s guilty because Maxine Waters screams it at the top of her lungs for four years. I’m saying, if ANY president does something against the Constitution, and it’s provable, and it’s major, they should be impeached and removed from office, and Donald J. Trump is no exception to that.

And neither is Obama.

If it’s found out that Bobo Obama actually did what Dershowitz is saying, he ought to be brought before Congress and made to testify. If he did it, he should be stripped of all of his presidential perks since leaving office, and he should be tried on the charges. And yes, Virginia, I’d feel the same way if it were a Republican that did it.

It would seem to me, as there is a new book out on the incident we just talked about the other day on the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting in Phoenix, that the meeting was planned, and the pair talked, in private, discussing more than Brexit, and grandkids and soccer, this needs to be investigated. It’s much more damning than Donald Trump tweeting something to the world. This is actually coercion. And it’s abuse of power.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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