Can We Get Honest Here?

Think back over the past four years or so. Remember when Donald Trump was running for president, and everyone jumped on his case because he said he wasn’t going to release his tax returns? He said he was under an audit (which, frankly I don’t believe…how many tax audits go four years?) The same thing is happening today in the Democrat race…only not with taxes.

Bernie Sanders isn’t going to release any more medical information on his health.

And that begs the question…would you rather have a president who kept his finances private prior to getting elected, or someone that kept his health private? The only reason I ask this is remember…Bernie Sanders had a heart attack last fall. It kept him off the campaign trail for a couple of weeks. And it would seem to me that at 78 years old, the state of a candidate’s health would be a rather important issue.

So, can Sanders really jump all over Trump, who by the way HAS released his medical reports and his physicals (as every president does every year anyway) because of his refusal to release his taxes prior to running? I don’t think so.

Bernie appears to be a hypocrite on this one, and I’m calling him on it. Sanders, if you really ARE presidential material, why don’t you go ahead and release whatever your medical records show, because as best as I can tell, the only reason you wouldn’t do that is because you’re hiding something that you don’t want the electorate to know about.

And therein lies the biggest problem Democrats have this year. We have a slate of candidates that are totally un-electable. Oh, they thought Mini Mike Bloomberg was going to be the guy to run to the debate stage and save them…but as we saw Wednesday night, he was called every name in the book by the other candidates, and a lot of names that weren’t in the book. And as people start to take a closer look at him and vet him more and more, they are seeing a lot of glaring problems.

Sanders won’t release his medical records, which is highly suspicious. Warren is just bat-crazy and proves it almost every time out, which is why she’s fallen. Joe Biden hasn’t been awake long enough this campaign to tell anyone anything except they are a dog-faced liar and pony soldier or whatever he was saying. Amy Klobuchar seems nice enough, and certainly not uber-leftist socialist, but she reminds me more of my third grade teacher than she does someone who can lead the country. Pete Buttigieg has a problem with minorities, and the gay community isn’t supporting him either, which is interesting since he’s gay. Who does that leave?

Democrats are fearing that they are going to have this “brokered convention”, where no one is going to have the 1,991 needed delegates to win the nomination. Every one of the delegates needs to vote how they were elected on the first ballot. If no one gets to 1,991 there, it turns into a free for all. And, frankly, you or I could be nominated at that point. While that’s fun to watch and makes for great television, it’s not the sort of thing Democrats want to show the country. They’d much rather show a unified Democrat party that is solidly behind one candidate.

And frankly, it isn’t going to happen. This dog and pony show is going all the way to Wisconsin!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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