It’s started to leak out already that Michael Bloomberg has plans to reduce healthcare costs. Now, saying that, you may think that’s a great thing. We all think it’s too expensive when we go to the doctor, or God forbid, have to spend a night in the hospital, or worse…intensive care, where the bill can easily skyrocket to six figures a day.

Well, wait just a doggone minute.

It’s not going to be that easy…especially if you are over, say 50 years of age (which includes most voters for president in this country!) So, what’s Mike Bloomberg’s cure for, let’s say, cancer? He wants to judge how you get treated by how old you are. Not on your ability to pay. Not on the fact that life itself is sacred. Not on the fact medicine needs to be advance so we can beat cancer pretty much every time out. He wants to do what Obama tried to do with his “death panels”. He wants to limit the healthcare you get by how old you are. And I have one question about that.

Who is going to determine what “too old” to cure is?

It’s back to the death panel days of Obamacare! Except Bloomberg is coming right out and saying it. If you head over to my video on YouTube, you’re going to see exactly what I’m talking about. Or should I say exactly what HE is talking about as he does the talking.

I understand that when you get older, you’re going to spend more money on healthcare than when you’re younger. You will end up spending something like 80% of all of your healthcare expenses in the last five years of your life. That’s a fact, and I get that. I also understand that we are all going to die at some point. But are you telling me that it’s humane to say to an elderly person that it’s too late in your life for us to fix your problem, because you’re not going to live long enough to be a good investment for the expense? That’s what Bloomberg is essentially saying, and I have a problem with that.

Let me go into my religious mode here for a second. I’m a firm believer that life itself is a gift from God. You’re given that gift every day you wake up. And what you decide to do with that gift is up to you. Likewise, when your life ends isn’t necessarily up to you. It’s up to God. Oh, you can certainly shorten your life by doing things that are unhealthy for you. But when it comes right down to it, God determines when you are born, how long you’re going to live, and how and when you’re going to die. It’s not up to you…and it’s not up to Michael Bloomberg or any other politician.

If you follow Bloomberg’s logic here, someone like a Rush Limbaugh, who is suffering from advanced lung cancer, and has enough money to pay for any treatment out there, is going to be denied treatment, not because he can’t afford it. It’s because Rush Limbaugh is like, 65 years old and the chances are the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it would cost to cure him, though he could certainly afford it, wouldn’t be “a good investment” for the medical community.

Bloomberg is starting to step in it. And it’s going to turn a lot of voters off that were looking to him to be the one Democrat candidate that isn’t a total whack job. As it turns out, he is proving them wrong already!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on ““Bloombergcare”?

  1. The thing too is, Bloomberg’s plan, and it would be a plan, will not apply to him. Bloomberg doesn’t even need health insurance. Like everything else he’ll just buy his medical treatment. Here is a great example of a man sitting upon his throne, one he created and because of his financial status believes he is greater than all of us. He is convinced through his bank account he is a greater form of human life, and only he knows what is best for the rest of us. What does that sound like? I wonder if he even believes in God……. Jesus said it best, what belongs to Cesar give back to Cesar. Mini Mike can stay tucked away in NY, where they no longer adore him either.

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