Russian Collusion 2.0

You know it had to happen, right? I mean, the Democrats weren’t able to push through enough facts to make anyone other than the most ardent snowflakes believe that the 2016 election was tainted by Russian interference and collusion from the Trump campaign. Well, if you can’t get it done one way, try it again!

Obviously, the left hasn’t heard the old saying, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the actual definition of insanity”.

Now, according to “leaked” information coming from the House of Representatives (we’re looking at YOU, Adam Schiff!), apparently, there is some concern that Russia is looking to influence our election again this year. Of course, they’ve denied that. And according to the leak, it appears that want Donald J. Trump to be the winner of the presidential election! Can you imagine that?

Now, we shall take a further look at this, along with the fact that a few months ago, one Bernard Sanders, Democrat from Vermont who happens to be running for the Democrat nomination for president, was pulled off the campaign trail, and informed by several of our intelligence agencies that the Russians were looking at throwing the election HIS way!

So, I ask you…which makes more sense in your world. To influence our voters through whatever means of manipulation possible that Donald Trump should win another four years in the White House, when he’s actually put sanctions on Russia because they’ve misbehaved? Or, is it more likely that the Russians would try and influence Americans to vote for a guy that held his honeymoon in Moscow and spent 10 days there in 1978, and has been an avowed Socialist the entire time he’s been in politics? Which do you think Russia would believe would actually help their cause along?

The fact is, the leak came from Adam Schiff. And we know he’s a convicted liar and has been called on it several times. We also know that he makes stuff up out of the blue and then just seems to conveniently forget about the lie when he’s called on it. So, why do it?

Here’s the real reason it’s being done. The Democrats see the writing on the wall. And while if you look at national polls that put Donald Trump against any of the Democrats right now, he basically loses in all of the head to head matchups. BUT…if you look at the state by state matchups with Trump and those same people…say in places like Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Arizona, he actually wins all of the states that the press tells us are in play! And he does so by a wide margin!

Democrats are pre-positioning themselves to be able to say that the Russians interfered with our election if and when Trump wins reelection. That way, they’ve got something to blame it on… not just a terrible candidate for the second presidential election cycle in a row…and let’s face it…there isn’t a very good candidate out there on the Democrat side.

No, Donald Trump, by all indications this far out, is headed to a win. Now, that can certainly change between now and election day, but from where I sit, and who I’m talking to on both sides of the fence, most Democrats don’t believe anyone in this field can beat Trump either. It was like when John McCain and Mitt Romney ran against Bobo Obama. No one on the GOP side was going to beat him either time. Same thing here with the Dems.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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