Last Night’s Debate

NOTE: The moderators from last night’s debate were SO bad, I accidentally called Norah O’Donnell “Deborah Norville”. My bad. Maybe if Norah actually did a decent job, I’d remember who she was.

So, who won last night’s debate? To be honest, after sitting through two hours of drivel last night, I think there were more losers than winners. Maybe I’d say Pete Buttigieg was a winner…he made some sense. Mini Mike was better than he was last week, but he wasn’t that great. And while everyone leading up to the debate said that everyone was going to shift their attack from Bloomberg to Sanders, it may have happened in the beginning, but as the debate wore on, it became apparent, we’re looking at seven people that don’t know how to debate, and worse, don’t know what they’re going to do.

So, let’s look at the losers.

Deborah Norville & Gayle King: The moderators in this debate were terrible. It was a sophomoric and very embarrassing episode. They were no more ready to host a debate and keep control of it than I am to head up a mission to Mars. They lost control to the candidates right off the bat and only semi-regained it 75 minutes in. It was a very emabarrassing evening, and these two should certainly be taken off the debate stage in the future.

Elizabeth Warren: The Senator from Massachusetts was bad. Shrill, screaming, interrupting, talking way out of turn, and not able to effectively either attack her fellow candidates or make a logical point. She brought us the “pregnancy” story again, that has already been proven to have been false. I’m just surprised that she didn’t tell us she came from Native American heritage.

Bernie Sanders: Too many gaffes in so far as the numbers he was throwing around. He made it clear that he was going to raise taxes, and it would be hefty. In fact, his plan clearly showed that his overall plan would take not just the entirety of the American economy, it would take three times our entire economy. I have no idea how you pay for his radical ideas.

Joe Biden: Sleepy Joe didn’t get called on very much. He was very animated that he was the only one staying within the 1:15 time limit (he didn’t follow it either), and that he wasn’t called on enough. Part of the reason was, he talked consistently about what he did when he was in the Senate…some twelve years ago. Too much has changed in that time.

Michael Bloomberg: A much better performance than his first go around…but then again, a second debacle would have probably sunk his campaign. He didn’t really stand out much and really didn’t fight back when attacked. He’s going to be a very weak candidate going forward.

Overall, the whole debate was nothing more than a two hour version of a talking-heads show where Republicans and Democrats spend the whole time yelling at each other. Moderators? Who needs them? Just have a producer show candidates the question on a computer monitor, and shut down their mics when their time is up. It’s almost as funny as The Big Bang Theory. I said, almost!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Last Night’s Debate

  1. REALLY RIGHT you are! It was childish – in fact if I were in charge of children who acted like that they would have been stilled immediately! Enough – they ought to be ashamed of themselves. If anyone thinks these people are presidential – wrong, wrong, wrong!


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  2. I’ve always thought that those debates aren’t really debates at all! If you want a real debate you should be asking each candidate the same question and allow each to explain their answer on how they will administer their policies. The moderators just ask those random leading questions trying to entice a food fight. They rarely ask the follow-up question that would explain the details of their policies. The questions are basically just superficial and never really get to the bones!

    Another two hours of your life wasted that you will never get back!

    For GOD and Country!

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    1. I don’t think we’ve had a REAL debate in this country since Abraham Lincoln took on Stephen Douglas. But that was a THREE hour debate in which the candidates asked each other the questions and fought it out…AND, there were only two of them. What we have here is a joke!

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