Want To Know Why Trump Wins?

Donald Trump, at least at this point in the race for the White House, is set to win reelection. Democrats who are in the upper echelon of their party know it. In fact, they are fearing it. And they are getting as many false narratives together as they can to try and let you know what a disaster it would be if that were to happen.

Of course, they said that the last time Trump won…and I’ll be damned if I can see where it hurt America. Our economy is the best it’s been in 100 years. We’ve had the longest sustained growth in our nation’s history. Employment is at record highs…and I’m not talking about Obama jobs (fast food) either. I’m talking REAL jobs that people can actually make mortgage payments with. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, White dudes that voted for Hillary, Women, they all have jobs now. In fact, if you want a job and can’t find one, it’s because you’re not looking. I found two in Trump’s presidency, and never had to look very hard or far to find them!

But do you know why Donald Trump wins?

The reason is simple. Trump wins, not because of the economy, though that will help. Trump wins because the Democrats can’t raise anyone up to his standard. Donald Trump takes out all of the oxygen in the room when he walks in. Quite frankly, there isn’t a Democrat out there that can come close to that. Bernie Sanders has a following, but we’re not sure they’d even show up on election day. Michael Bloomberg had such a bad performance at his last debate, most pundits have already written him off, and say his escapade is just an effort in futility, and that he’s spent half a billion dollars just to get taken down a peg by Elizabeth Warren.

Speaking of Warren, she’s almost out of money, and doesn’t have the wherewithal to continue much longer. Same goes for Amy Klobuchar. Both women have only spent about $2 million combined between them in the Super Tuesday states, and that’s less than three weeks away! Joe Biden is on death’s door, and if he can’t win in South Carolina on Saturday, word is, he’ll be out of money. Pete Buttigieg hasn’t begun to spend any money in the Super Tuesday states yet, and neither has Biden! Meanwhile, Sanders and Bloomberg are flush with cash and spending like drunken sailors.

Now, just spending money doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to win votes, as Hillary proved to us four years ago, but money is still the lifeblood of politics. And it’s becoming clear that Bernie has the money, so does Mini Mike, and the rest don’t. If Bloomberg can pull off what he’s hoping for on March 5th, and win a majority of the Super Tuesday states, where some 45% of the available delegates will be available, it means there is a better than 50/50 chance the Democrats will be heading to at least a second ballot convention. And when that happens, anyone, even someone that hasn’t been in the race up until that point, like a Michelle Obama or an Oprah Winfrey can jump in! Yes, even Hillary!

With all the trouble the Democrats are having right now, you would think they aren’t going to be able to pull it together in time to give Trump any semblance of a run for his money. I’m not so sure. I’ve seen a lot of these instances on both sides, where it looks like it’s going to be a landslide one way or another, and it ends up like 2000 with the Supreme Court making the call! But my hunch is, that if Trump plays it like he did four years ago, there isn’t a Democrat out there than can debate him, and he has the uncanny ability to control the message. That is the death blow for Democrats.

And that is why Donald Trump wins reelection in just 252 days.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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