Businesses Booming Because Of COVID-19

Don’t be filled with doom and gloom over COVID-19, better known to you and me as the Coronavirus. Actually, there are businesses that are doing very well because of this, despite what you’re seeing on the nightly news on Wall Street. Yes, the stock market may be in tatters, but there are plenty of businesses doing just fine.

Walmart: They are adding staff quicker than they can find them. They’ll hire anybody right about now. If you’re looking for work (or maybe when the next shipment of toilet paper comes in), go and apply!

Costco: Like Walmart, they can’t keep enough people staffed. Lines that take 20-30 minutes to get into the building are common, and once there, you see a lot of empty shelves and rationed goods. But they’re hiring!

UPS: The delivery company can’t keep up! With all of the people ordering stuff to be delivered to their homes right now, all delivery companies are going crazy. Normally drivers make about 130 stops a day on their route. That’s gone WAY up since Coronavirus started infecting us.

Scott Paper Company: They are the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet paper. Need I say more?

Internet Service Providers: What else is there to do but jump online? Netflix is doing a world of business!

Drive Ins: You thought this died out in the 1970’s, didn’t you? Nope. Drive ins are having a resurgence. You get to stay in your car while watching a movie. Talk about social distancing!

The Canabis Companies: There are a ton of pot companies out there. And what else is there to do when you a) can’t go anywhere and b) don’t want to necessarily deal in reality? You got it! If you’re in a state where marijuana is legal, you’re probably having a grand old time about now!

Clorox: Need I say more? Anything that destroys germs is going fast, including hand sanitizer.

Campbell’s Soup: Who wants to cook? And with most of the restaurants either shutting down or offering delivery only, a lot of folks are reaching for a can of soup. Chunky please!

There are a ton more companies out there doing well, but of course, there are also a ton that are hurting right now. Either way, we WILL someday return to a semblance of normal!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Businesses Booming Because Of COVID-19

  1. The problem of the Coronavirus is not Wall Street, it is Main Street. Small business is taking a beating and the long term effects of places where the government has issued shutdowns, restrictions, and sheltering in place have raised havoc. We, as a nation, do not like “martial law” and the government micromanaging our daily lives. We are willing to do what is necessary in the short run, but, at some point, and I thing sooner rather than later, the efforts to restrict spread will have done its duty and we will be back to “business as usual.” Then the government will need to pay close attention to the most susceptible to the virus, to curb its spread and devastation, on an individual basis.

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