But Do You Set A Date?

It seems that, like pretty much every other blog in the world these days, the Coronavirus has pretty much taken over the topics. I can understand that because it’s pretty much taken over our lives. Everything we usually would be doing in mid to late March has ground to a halt. We’ve hunkered down at home, haven’t gone out nearly as much as we’d like; a lot of folks have had to either work from home, or not work at all; and others are just happy not to be out in a group setting.

But I was a little surprised and dismayed that President Donald Trump came out and said he was setting a goal of getting back “to normal” by Easter, which is basically two weeks from this coming Sunday. I thought that was a little on the rash side, and a tad optomistic.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I certainly hope we get through this thing by then, and get everyone back to work and get the stock market moving in the right direction by then. It would be wonderful if that happened. However, I’m a realist at heart. I have to tell you, it’s a little disingenuous to think that we could go from being sheltered in place and two weeks later be open for business as if nothing ever happened. Hell, two and a half weeks is a long time! Do you realize this thing has only been going on for a little more than a week and a half?

Since there has been this huge push to get us back “to normal”, what happens, as happens a lot with something like pneumonia, if we come back too strong, too fast? Could there be a relapse? And are we all coming back at the same time? I mean, California and New York are two of the hardest hit states in the country. They are also probably two of the larger economies in the country. So, are we going to let them get settled down a little bit longer before “reopening”? Or, are we going to go ahead and open everything at once, hoping that everything goes smoothly?

Currently, there haven’t been nearly the number of cases or the number of deaths with COVID-19 that we’ve seen with the common flu. A lot of that has to do with the precautions that we’ve taken, but a lot of that seems to be that this virus isn’t as virulent as what was once thought. Having said that, are we to assume that by Easter, everything is going to be just fine, we’re going to be out of the woods, and we’re back to normal? Or are we going to take baby steps to make sure that we get there safely with no chance of back-sliding?

As I’ve said before, Donald Trump has been, in my opinion a little Pollyannaish throughout this whole thing. While we want a leader to be positive, and I just saw that 60% of Americans think he’s done a really good job handling the whole situation, we don’t need to be doing a happy dance just yet.

We will get through this thing. We just don’t need to hurry through it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

One thought on “But Do You Set A Date?

  1. But if you’re not positive there are so many who get really depressed and negative. Keep thinking positive!

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