As we wend our way through the Coronavirus, it has become apparent there is a segment of our society that falls under the title “Coronaidiots”. That’s a new word that’s been coined to describe people, usually younger Millennials. It’s certainly necessary.

To hear what these youngsters are doing in light of the Coronavirus is stunning. They’ve videotaped themselves going into Walmart, and licking items on the store shelves. They’ve gone into convenience stores, and opened ice cream containers and licked the inside of them. Yes, they complained about Florida shutting down Spring Break this year, making them upset “because now we have nothing to do!” And the worst part of all is the Coronaidiot that wanted to show the world that he was not afraid of getting COVID-19. So, he shot a video of himself licking a toilet. I kid you not. The kid actually licked a public toilet. And it appears that the joke was on him because he was then diagnosed and hospitalized with Coronavirus.

Look, I understand that every generation wants to make it’s own mark and blaze their own path in the world. I was the same way, and I bet you were too. But I don’t think I ever licked public toilets, or complained that a worldwide pandemic was whack and that we were going to do what we wanted to do regardless if we got sick or not. It makes me cringe because this is our future. When you see the type of idiocy that these folks are demonstrating, you get a very clear view of why they are thinking Bernie Sanders’ socialism is worth trying.

Now, it’s not just young people. I’ve mentioned before that I sit on the board of directors of a recreation and entertainment corporation that has shut down all of our seven recreation centers, cancelled a large number of concerts, and basically shuttered everything besides golf (and that’s only allowed with “distancing restrictions”). And would you believe that in the Letters To The Editor section of the newspaper, about 50% of the people are in favor of our actions, and 50% are against it. Obviously, Coronaidiots are not limited to the Millennials.

And you’ve got Democrats in Washington screaming that Donald Trump wants to put “money ahead of health” because he wants to try and get back to normal, or at least start getting back to normal by Easter. First of all, he wants no such thing, and second, if they aren’t ready to lift the restrictions on us, they aren’t going to lift them. People on the left that are screaming into whatever camera they can find, and yet, they are guilty of playing politics all the while they accuse Republicans of doing that. They got caught…and it’s hurting them. Trump’s administration’s handling of the job they are doing is going up every single day. His approval rating is now over 50%, and Joe Biden is looking more and more like a stumbling, bumbling clown.

In the end, we need some common sense. I’m not sensing the left is providing it, and I’m not sensing that the Millenials are either. Neither are the retired oldsters that are screaming about rec centers being shuttered out here in the desert. Time to grow up, people!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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