The Biggest Fool

Today is April Fool’s Day. And to celebrate our biggest fool in recent memory, I go back to this past Friday. When it was announced that the United States had surpassed China for having the most cases of Coronavirus, former two-time presidential candidate loser, Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Well…he (Trump) said he would put America first”.

What an incredibly sad, sad end to what could have been a positive career. Here you’ve got a woman that for most of her life had been celebrated, had been hailed as having no barriers, as being a woman of tomorrow and someone every little girl could look up to. And now, she has sunk to the utter depths of being this country’s biggest fool. Bigger than Barack Obama, who single-handedly almost destroyed our economy, and our way of life. Bigger than Joe Biden, who has stumbled and bumbled his way to the presumptive nomination on the Democrat side, even though it’s obvious there is some mental incapacity going on there. Bigger than even her husband, who had to display to the world his inabilty to keep his sex addiction to himself.

For Hillary Clinton to once again, try to become relevant in today’s world, to have to tweet such a foolish, obnoxious, and reprehensible comment, and make it public? It tells me one very certain thing. America can breathe a sigh of relief that the 2016 presidential election did not go the other way.

My response to Hillary’s ill-timed tweet was: You know, your tweet about Donald Trump isn’t funny. It’s sad. America is grateful you didn’t win the presidency. Time for Hillary to crawl back into her bottle of Chardonnay!

I frankly don’t expect her to respond to it, or even see it. That wasn’t my point. At a time when the United States is trying to get over the largest pandemic of our lifetime, for a “leader” to come out with such a blatant idiotic post is morally reprehensible.

Quite honestly, China has stopped testing, so a country that’s four times the size of the United States, isn’t able to give numbers that are anywhere near accurate. In fact, do you really trust the numbers China has given out regarding COVID-19 at all? I certainly don’t! It wouldn’t surprise me if they have had a million or more deaths from this disease, not just the 82,000 cases that they admit to having. And for some supposed person that has been at the top of government to come out with such an inane statement is beyond the pale.

No, Hillary Clinton is a fool. She has earned that title. She will never again be relevant in any conversation. She should slink back to whatever rock she crawled out of when she got knocked up by Bill and bury herself. She isn’t worthy of a Twitter account, and we shouldn’t have to be exposed to her nonsense. She is America’s Fool!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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