Getting Frazzled

You have to admit, we are certainly living under strenuous times. Some have begun calling it the “end times”, and while I’m certainly a believer that God will make The Revelation come true some day, I’m really not egocentric enough to believe that out of all of the people that have ever graced the face of our planet, that we are the ones chosen to live through it.

That said, I know that it’s stressful, and I know it’s uncertain. Having been put in lockdown here in the AZ, as we were a couple of days ago kind of puts an exclamation point on it. Don’t get me wrong…we’re nowhere near as critical here as they are in New York City! Hell, they’ve over 900 deaths there, and we’ve not had that many confirmed cases and only five deaths. But still, it’s unsettling.

I guess the thing we all have to remember, and it’s something I wish the politicians in DC would get through their thick skulls is, this isn’t political. There is nothing political about it. And both Republicans and Democrats need to understand that and abide by it. For
Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi to be squabbling back and forth like playground banter is ridiculous, and shows the immaturity of both. The best thing they both could do was shut the hell up and not say anything until this whole Coronavirus thing was over. Let the doctors and the medical experts give us the news and let’s keep the friggin’ politicians out of it!

Other than that, find something interesting to do. Go online and see about reading books through your library. I know out here we can “checkout” e-books through the computer. We can watch movies from our library online even though the physical libraries are all closed. Read blogs, hell, start a blog! And if you do, let me know that you did…I’ll certainly subscribe to it. WordPress is a tremendous place to go to get started and they’ll bend over backwards to help you!

Other than that, stay safe. We need to stay positive. All of the models I’ve seen say we’re about two weeks out from topping out and starting the backside of this thing. That means we’re probably a month or two away from being back to normal. In the meantime, hunker down, share the essentials with your neighbors if you can, and call elderly neighbors to see if they are all right. It’s a little thing, but it’s something we can all do to make sure we all get through this thing together!

There’ll be plenty of time for politics up the road…and of course, I’ll be the first to break that, because I have to comment on every idiotic thing these politicians say and do anyway…but that’s ok…it’s my blog!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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