Understand The Reasons…

I have not been shy at saying that I felt the gladhanding, and self-applauding of Donald Trump has been boring, not helpful, and frankly, very tiring to listen to. So much so, that I have written to the very cable news organization that I watch, and have told them to let their White House reporter give an update daily on the hour-long (or more) tirade that the Coronavirus team and Donald Trump have decided to expound on.

First of all, understand MY reasonings on this. I think it’s boring. They’ve given maybe 10 minutes of new information every day. The other stuff is just repetitive and stupid questions that are asked by inane media who really don’t have a clue what their jobs are.

Second, understand that I disagree with the reasons why people like Don Lemon want his network (CNN) to stop covering the task force daily briefing live. He doesn’t want it because he disagrees with the response that is happening. It’s very difficult for him to spin a response that Trump is lying when he’s being backed up by not only his Vice President, but all of the medical experts, and all of the others that have appeared on stage during the press conference.

Frankly, I’m bored by it because it’s not a judicious use of my time. It’s five minutes of new information in an ever expanding press conference. In my mind, it could be done in a lot more expedient time period of maybe 10 or 15 minutes, without all of the stupid questions being read as “gotcha” questions. Instead, each network can use snipets and sound bites to express their view. And yes, that means idiot networks like CNN and MSNBC will be able to pick a sound bit that Trump says that they can easily refute. But what’s happening is that those folks, by airing all of the press conference, they are just shut out of finding things that they can disagree with.

Most of the mainstream media are against Trump. You know that, right? To think that they’d report exactly what the President says is ludicrous. These aren’t news organizations, they are mouthpieces for the swamp. They want to see their relationship with those that were in power in 2015 continue…because that was their cushy situation. Unfortunately, that’s not this administration.

If I were Donald Trump, if I saw fake news coming from a news organization, I would declare that organization as “fake” and would deny their press access. They would no longer be allowed to cover press conferences live, and they would no longer be able to attend live press conferences. What the American people don’t understand is, there is a very large group of media conglomerates that are against covering the truth and are looking at spinning the news a more liberal way, rather than covering the truth. Those news organizations should be denied access of all kinds to the federal government. Let them get their coverage third hand. That’s what they deserve!

As for all others, if they want to cover the news conference, fine. But frankly, as someone that follows this stuff closely, I can get the entire breakdown a whole lot quicker than spending an hour or more watching the whole presser on camera, live. That part needs to end. If you’re not in favor of that, you should still be able to watch the news. This is ridiculous!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed….and stay safe!

8 thoughts on “Understand The Reasons…

  1. Gee, I never thought I would read those words in this blog from somebody like you!?!? With you being a champion of the first amendment and a staunch Conservative, whatever happened to recommendation that if you don’t like what you’re hearing, simply turn the channel?

    There are other NEWS outlets that cut to the chase or simply go to the CDC website and read the daily updates for yourself.

    For GOD and Country

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    1. What you are missing here is the left has changed the definition of “news”. What CNN and MSNBC are doing isn’t news. It isn’t freedom of the press anymore than it’s free speech to yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. As far as turning the channel, that’s what I did. But it doesn’t mean that these news outlets carrying the full boat are right! They could be MUCH more judicious with their expensive airtime (and their journalistic integrity) by not covering the whole thing! I’m a champion of the first amendment, when it’s followed correctly. When it’s not followed correctly, it’s bastardized, and then it’s turned on it’s ass like the second amendment has been. To the left, free speech only exists as long as you agree with their way of thinking. That isn’t free speech, and what CNN and MSNBC are doing isn’t freedom of the press. It’s a bastardization of it, whereby they are hiding behind a meaning that was never intended to be there.


  2. Shame on you! If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. There is plenty of other content you can stream on your Firestick. Me, I’m glad I have an opportunity to view it all, or any part I care to. If the mainstream news would cover it, like they did when you I were in he business, it might be diffetent story. I have the ability to think for myself and sort out the details, without the filter of a biased press who hates My President!


    1. There are ways to do it without bastardizing it. And don’t worry…I’m not watching it. I’m getting it from the internet in a much better form. As for the media coverage, this isn’t freedom of the press. What you are seeing from the snowflake media isn’t anywhere near “press”. It’s not different than yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater (oh…wait…they aren’t open!). And I think you can get a very good set of details from Donald Trump on Twitter, without any media bias what-so-ever! When the left changes the definition of things (like they’ve done with the 2nd Amendment), it changes everything. That’s what they are doing to the Constitution, and to not realize it is to blatently give in to their way of thinking! Time to wake up, Kid…it’s not about whether a channel covers a press conference…it goes much farther beyond that!


  3. With all your criticism of the news media, which I totally agree with by the way, perhaps the ONLY way to learn the real truth is by suffering thru a Trump news update?

    For GOD and Country


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