Pelosi’s Latest Blunder

You can tell whether or not someone is intelligent by the mistakes they make and how they address them. When they keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again, you know either they are listening to the wrong people, or they are just plain stupid. I’m not sure which is the case here, but it could very well be that both apply to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

On Thursday of this past week, Pelosi announced that she was creating a new House committee to oversee the administration’s Coronavirus task force.

It’s basically a political answer to no one’s question. In fact, Nancy Pelosi was one of many of the politicians that called early and often in this for everyone “to work together”. Now, in Nancy’s world, that meant making sure that the National Endowment for the Arts got money; that the Kennedy Center got money to pay it’s people (and after they got the $25 million, they fired their orchestra “to save money”); that there should be new carbon emissions guidelines for the airlines; that the “Green New Deal” should be adopted; that all of these stupid things that have absolutely nothing to do with Coronavirus relief. And she caught hell for it, holding on to $2.3 trillion in relief because she wanted to give her political cronies money…much like Bobo Obama did back in 2009 when he spent almost $1 trillion to create “shovel ready jobs” that basically bailed out his union buddies.

What happened this time around was that Pelosi listened to Adam Schiff…who is trying to rebound from embarrassing missteps surrounding Donald Trump’s impeachment. So, how do you do that? Well, Schiff, never one to be viewed as smart, decided it was time to double down. After all, you can’t trust the Trump administration, especially when they’ve brought together the greatest medical minds in the country to solve the COVID-19 situation.

So, why did Pelosi do it? Well, she says it’s to make sure the money gets spent appropriately. Actually, it’s to keep in front of the public. Otherwise, with Donald Trump getting about 90 minutes a day on all of the TV outlets in the country, Pelosi realizes that there isn’t anything she can do to top that. Even Joe Biden thought he could give his own Coronavirus updates. That didn’t pan out so well. All that did was make Biden look foolish and uninformed.

Pelosi and Schiff have put this together to do one thing…subpoena more information from the administration to “investigate” what Trump’s task force is up to. By giving the committee “subpoena power” she is at the very least hoping to pull some of the power away from the White House. In retrospect, that’s a fool’s journey. Any subpoena given to anyone on that task force is going to be met with the same response that Schiff saw with all of his subpoenas in the impeachment hearing. It ain’t going to be recognized. And Democrats are going to be screaming that they have no oversight in the whole process. Fact is, they don’t have anything to do now. They’ve spent the money, and their job is basically done.

So, Nancy, Adam, and Jim Clyburn, who will be chairing the committee, do us all a favor. Sit on the sidelines…stay 6 feet away from everybody…and stop screwing up the country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed…and stay safe!

10 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Latest Blunder

  1. Don’t forget San Fran Nan’s tour of Chinatown where she encouraged everyone to come down there and shop. Memory serves me she was calling Trump’s closing down of travel from China to be “xenophobic.”

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  2. I think you nailed it; Nancy is listening to the wrong people AND she is stupid. I would also add that she’s probably got a case of Alzheimer’s or dementia, after all, she is in her 80’s now! She probably can’t remember from day to day how each of her attempts to get Trump has failed! Everyday is a new day for Nancy making new friends?

    And…like you asked, “Where are the Democrat’s?” Joe Biden is now talking about holding a virtual Democratic Convention!!! If Joe were to ever win the presidency we might never see him!

    You know what they say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” I think the Dem’s are in a real identity crises!

    For GOD and Country

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  3. I so wish the country would wake up to her antics. I’m worried about her trying to take over if Dems and Repubs. can’t have conventions and select a candidate. She is scheming.


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