Update On The Election

You know, we’ve had so much crap going on with the Coronavirus over the past three weeks that it’s difficult to realize sometimes that we are in the middle of an election year. That said, there WILL still be an election for President, Congress, and the US Senate this year, as well as a lot of state and local offices around the country!

When it comes down to the presidential election, it’s looking more and more like Joe Biden will be the Democrat nominee (now that Andrew Cuomo has emphatically stated that he has no interest in being drafted to run for president), and Donald Trump will most certainly be the Republican nominee. So, how is the election breaking down at the moment?

Well, if you look at the facts, here’s what’s going on that I find interesting. And again, this is of early April…we’re still seven months away from the election and anything can happen between now and then!

First of all, it appears that Joe Biden’s support is slipping, and not in a gradual way. Biden came out on one of his “Coronavirus updates”, which are basically a chance for him to bash Trump, and said that he’s on the outs with the Democrats…that he’s heard that they want Cuomo, not him, even though Cuomo hasn’t run for anything and doesn’t want it. That has to make Biden feel real good! He’s run a very bad campaign, made a ton of gaffes, has stumbled through the whole process, and looks like he’s come out the other side on top. I mean, have you heard ANYTHING from Bernie Sanders since this whole pandemic started?

Now, add to that the latest CBS/Washington Post poll. It shows Biden up 49-47 over Donald Trump. So, why is that so bad? Because he was up 52-44 over Trump at the beginning of March! Trump closed an 8 point gap to 2 points in less than 30 days. And all Trump has done is address the nation every day. Biden, meanwhile has gaffed his way through his briefings.

What’s interesting, and always is, are the internals of the poll. 52% of Donald Trump’s supporters say they are “very excited” in backing Trump. Only 26% of Biden’s supporters say the same thing. That means very clearly that the Biden camp needs to excite their base much more than Trump. You can be for a candidate, as Hillary Clinton found out four years ago, and still lose because you aren’t exciting them to get off the couch and vote for you! That’s the problem Biden is in. He seems like a doddering old fool right now, and that’s what’s going out on the internet.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has had tens of millions of people over all of the networks watching his daily Coronavirus briefings. They’re seeing the media’s “gotcha” questions, and the way Trump is handling them, and they like it. Remember…the media is ranking dead last in the way THEY are handling the whole pandemic coverage. Joe Biden? He’s getting about 2,800 views on YouTube, and can be seen by tens of thousands of people on either MSNBC or CNN, depending on who is covering him that day.

At this point, all of the pundits are pointing to Trump, which in my mind is worrisome. Don’t forget, four years ago, Hillary had this thing wrapped up, right up until election night! She opened her second bottle of Chardonnay thinking she had won! And Trump felt almost right up until they called Pennsylvania for him at 3:00am, that he had lost! Time will most certainly tell!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed! And stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Update On The Election

  1. One good sign that I’ve noticed on my daily walks is the number of “TRUMP 2020” flags flying just below Old Glory! Can’t remember when I’ve ever seen that much display of support for a guy who’s hated as much by the media!
    And don’t forget, those flags aren’t free like yard signs handed out by the RNC, people have to actually spend their hard earned money to buy them. Seems to be a lot of enthusiasm and support out there for Trump.

    Yeah, and where in the World is Bernie? I imagine he would/should be the heir apparent if Sleepy Joe 30330 doesn’t make it to the finish line? After all, at least Bernie took part in the primaries, unlike Andrew Cuomo. Boy, wouldn’t that piss-off Bernie’s base…again?

    But…I said it before and I’ll say it again, “Don’t get complacent. You’ve gotta get out there and vote.”

    For GOD and Country

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