I Thought This Was Serious!

You’ll have to forgive me for a minute. See, I thought that this whole COVID-19 thing was this important and lethal pandemic. When I log on to the “Sick Map” every day to see how many more people have been infected; where we are on the bell curve; and how many people have died; I thought it was a crisis.

Apparently, I’ve been misled.

When I saw a story in Gallup that says 80% of us are experiencing “significant disruption in our lives, yet only 6 in 10 of us were practicing “social distancing. And while the streets of New York City, long called “the epicenter”, were empty, the subway cars below the surface were jam-packed, I began to wonder!

I get it that the Millennials out there believe they are invincible and think this is nothing more than catching a cold. The 25-44-year-olds now make up the most infected group in the country. And while it still is the older folks, those 65 and older that are actually dying from Coronavirus, it’s the younger folks that are getting sick.

What’s even more troubling is that the liberals in our society are playing the political card for all its worth, after screaming that “now is not the time for politics!” They are the ones that have come out with a laundry list of non-Coronavirus spending wishes during the recent stimulus bill. They were the ones that were holding back the funds until they got their way in Congress. They were the ones that felt it necessary to create this new House Committee on Coronavirus. They were the ones that have said that we should forget about the election at polling places…we ought to hold the election by mail, as they do in the state of Washington.

It’s troubling to me to see that people such as Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are damned determined however they can to bring down Donald Trump rather than do what conservatives did during his predecessor’s reign. When Bobo Obama was sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Republicans waited him out. Democrats are totally against that. They have despised Trump’s election and have tried every trick in the book, and written some new ones as well, to invalidate his presidency. And what’s fascinating is that his approval rating in quite a few polls is actually 50% or better, and that’s with 98% negative news coming from “news organizations” like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, and the three broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Knowing the ammunition that is stacked against him, it’s a wonder Trump can even get out of bed in the morning!

And yet, Democrats have no answers for anything. They blame Trump for everything (including Coronavirus), and they can’t come up with any answers themselves. Meanwhile, we are in the midst of what our Surgeon General has called “our Pearl Harbor moment” when it comes to this virus. This is supposed to be the worst week of all in terms of infections and death. And the Democrats’ response? Subpoena everything the task force has done so they can blame it all on Trump if there was a “fog of war” moment.

And the Democrats wonder why it is the best they can nominate for president is Joe Biden?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed! And stay safe!

4 thoughts on “I Thought This Was Serious!

  1. It’s time “We the People” or some nut case, I don’t really care, takes out the Democratic Party! They are nothing but a bunch of self-serving, egotistical, power hungry fanatics! They protect their own but try to destroy anybody who doesn’t agree with them. As a side note, I’m still waiting for congress to censure Chucky Schumer for his comments regarding Justice’s Kavanaugh and Gorsuch! Never happened did it? They protect themselves!

    I recently read an article titled “The Most Dangerous Religion” and do you know what the answer was? Liberalism! If we don’t destroy the Liberal, Progressive, Socialist mindset of the Left, we have no chance of remaining Free!

    For GOD and Country!

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    1. Don’t hold your breath on Schumer getting censored! If it were going to happen, and I agree with you, it should have, it would have happened by now. As far as the Most Dangerous Religion, I’ve often said that politics is the left’s religion, so that’s no surprise to me! As for the future…look at what the left does. They keep pushing, and pushing until things get farther and farther left of center. And there IS a way to fight back…you’re going to learn about it tomorrow!


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