Apparently It’s Having An Effect

I’m not one that believes that I have this magnetic effect on people. I know everyone has their own viewpoint, and I’m fine with that. What I think is interesting however was an op-ed piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. In it, this woman who voted for Donald Trump sent a note to the WSJ saying that she had stopped watching the daily briefings from the White House. The reason?

It was more about Donald Trump’s feuds, and less about information about the Coronavirus.

In other words, the exact same thing I’ve been saying all along. Donald Trump isn’t necessarily giving the country a breakdown about where we are in this crisis. He’s gladhanding, thanking people that have been agreeing with him, and doing his bidding, and scorning the people that have been asking gotcha questions, disagreeing with him, and upset with the pace of the eradication of the COVID-19 virus.

Look, I get it that we as a country really don’t have a lot of patience. I know we are all ADDHD riddled, and want things to happen in a day or less. We can thank the 24-hour news cycle, fast food restaurants, and a “give it to me now” lifestyle for all of that. And when things do take time, we start getting very antsy. Now is one of those times. The Coronavirus isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, if you take a really close look at the “Sick Map”, you’ll see that we are only starting to flatten out the curve a little bit. We’re still going up!

All of this, and the liberal media is already trying to buck the system and stop covering the daily briefings. Why? Because a) they are too long; b) Trump speaks for half of it, and plays cheerleader, and then slaps down any that disagree with him (not say that’s not called for in some instances); and c) very little new information gets through to us.

My wife says that she likes watching it because she does pick up a nugget or two of information every day. That’s all that’s there. A nugget. It doesn’t take 90 minutes to give you a nugget, it takes at most 10 minutes. And if the news channels were smart, they’d have their reporters cover the nugget in 2 minutes. Use a 30-second snippet of Dr. Fauci and be done with it.

The WSJ is right in that these briefings have morphed into something totally different than what they started out being. Why do we need to listen to a politician expound on the number of face masks the government is sending to New York City or to Detroit? Put it online, and anyone interested can look it up. If you’re going to have a daily briefing, let’s hear from Fauci or Birx, and get on with life. You know as well as I do that they could cover this in a tenth the time, give us the necessary information and we can all get through the day.

At some point, the president’s job approval numbers are going to start heading south because of his briefings. If you look at the latest IPSOS poll, they’re already heading that way (it’s down to 40%), but I think it’s because they used over 52% Democrats in their survey universe…48% Republicans and Independents, and the Independent margin of error was well over 13%! That’s not a poll…that’s a liberal wish list!

Donald Trump would be wise to heed the Wall Street Journal’s editorial and back away from the briefings. It’s not going to do him any good to continue to draw the fire and the ire of the press daily. As America gets antsier and antsier about getting “back to normal”, they are eventually going to turn on Trump as the reason why we are still sitting in our houses!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed! And stay safe!

5 thoughts on “Apparently It’s Having An Effect

  1. If you wish to be continually agitated with Trump’s news conferences, then that’s on you! Turn the channel! As far as the length of those briefings goes, that’s on the media in the room. If they’d stop asking the same questions everyday, and stop with their attempt at “gotcha questions”, those briefings could be a lot shorter.

    You must also consider that part of this is a version of the Trump rally’s that he’s no longer holding. If he wasn’t out there everyday putting his spin on everything, and patting himself on the back, the media would, a) accuse him of hiding, and b) they would control the narrative. His briefings are the only method of offering a different opinion with a positive outlook to the public. Do you honestly believe you would get a truthful analysis from the likes of CNN, or MSNBC? I don’t think so. So Trump is all we’ve got!

    Look, it’s bad enough that we are in this mess, but as soon as the first patient dies after Trump begins to re-open the economy, he’s going to be blamed for that death and I can’t wait to read the headlines! “Trump kills his own citizens”, “Trump has blood on his hands”… etc, etc. And that will just give the Adam Schiff crowd one more reason to start the impeachment proceedings all over again.

    Honestly, I don’t see a way Trump gets out of this in a positive way. The media will spin, no matter the outcome, a message that blames Trump for everything.

    What a great country!

    For GOD and Country

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    1. And you’re making my point! Had Trump left it to the medical community to do the bulk of the heavy lifting, with him showing up on occasion to talk about actual news, not gladhanding…he a) wouldn’t have been seen as “hiding”; b) the press couldn’t have controlled “his” narrative, because it would have been Fauci’s and Birx’ narrative, and c) his rallies were ALWAYS better than this! He is reading carefully prepared statements. He’s much better when he ad libs, but his team doesn’t want him ad libbing something where one wrong word could be blamed for everything. Can Trump get out of this? Yes…if he turns it over to Fauci and Birx, and gets out of the way. The one good thing I’ll say about his most recent escapade was he said that the decision to open the country up again, was going to be the most difficult he’s ever made. He’s right on that account! But he’s gotten himself into this mess! Thank God he’s running against a buffoon like Biden!


  2. If it were up to Fauci and Birx, the economy wouldn’t be opened up until no more new cases were being reported!

    We’ll see what the Tuesday decision brings, but he can’t wait much longer to open things back up. You can’t have medical professionals run the economy and you can’t have economic experts run medicine! There needs to be some sort of compromise, but for me, I think the economy is more important especially how a bad economy will effect ones health. People will die either way, but I’ll take my chances with virus.

    Did you see what the idiot governor of Michigan just did? She’s even banning travel.

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    1. No…that’s not true. Fauci has said several times that he wouldn’t open up the economy until we were on the downside. That’s a vast difference from no more cases being reported! Actually, you CAN wait much longer if that is what it’s going to take. You beat this thing by not coming back too soon… that’s why you don’t rush back from something like pneumonia. The relapse is worse than the disease…and that is exactly what the medical community knows about this thing. Patience my friend…patience! And no…I haven’t followed what they do in Michigan since I left there some 38 years ago!!! But, that’s a typical liberal response to everything….remember…they like to control the people and Saul Alinsky says one way to do that is to limit or ban travel!


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