Dems Consider A “Smoke Filled Room” Convention

It hasn’t happened since before the state-by-state primaries became popular. Back in the 1960s (1968 to be precise), the Democrats were in Chicago and had a horrible convention. That, you’ll recall, was where the Weathermen, the SDS, and all of the riots occurred. It was after that convention that George McGovern led a panel that decided more states should choose their own delegates. By 1992, some 40 states were using primaries for the Dems and 39 for the Republicans. That ushered in the end of the “smoke-filled rooms”, where people went to the convention and basically were told what the deal was and who they’d be voting for as their nominee.

And we could be heading back to that for the Democrats this summer!

It’s a long shot, admittedly. But here’s the way Democrats are starting to look at their prospects this year. You have a very senior party member in Joe Biden, who’s demonstrated questionable mental acuity, has for decades been a gaffe machine on the campaign trail, and now is hit with what appears to be a rather substantial, and provable sexual abuse allegation from a former staff member. There’s no doubt that the records of her time in his office have been scrubbed, as it’s been reported all over the news that Biden staffers have visited the University of Delaware, where the records of his time in the Senate and as VP are being held, though sealed.

The problem that Democrats have is, they were so gung-ho to find anything to hang on Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination hearings, they basically set the standard of “you must believe the accuser” when Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward with a made-up story of a high school rape. As so often happens with Democrats, they play the short game, for the moment, and that’s what they did then. Two years later, when the same type of thing happens to one of their own, there are all sorts of evidence of them screaming that they need to believe the woman, and at the very least investigate it.

So, what’s stopping them now? Well, it’s again, going to be a “he-said-she-said” moment, but Tara Reade has a lot more proof on her side. She has a police report that has been filed. Her mother got through to one of Larry King’s talk shows and voiced it on the air. There were no other witnesses, but people were told about it, and believed it because it was commonplace in the Biden office at the time. It’s a much more damning situation than what Kavanaugh went through because of all of that.

So, do the Democrats decide before, during, or after the convention that Biden isn’t their guy? Do they replace him with maybe an Andrew Cuomo? After all, 56% of Democrats surveyed said they’d rather have Cuomo at the head of the ticket than Biden… especially after the Coronavirus escapade.

In the end, nothing will happen. Biden will be the nominee. Trump will eat him alive in the presidential debates, and between the gaffes, the past slimy history, and now a sexual allegation that won’t go away, and the Democrats only real response is, “Joe Biden IS Joe Biden”, or that the Republicans are trying to smear him, it won’t be close.

Donald Trump is looking, even with the “bleach as a cure for Coronavirus” snafu, like he will be elected in November.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “Dems Consider A “Smoke Filled Room” Convention

  1. First of all, I think your right, nothing will happen and Sleepy Joe 30330 will be the nominee. Just to add,… think about it. Who really know’s who Andrew Cuomo is outside of New York and the metropolitan area? Next, if anybody is to replace Sleepy Joe 30330 it should be Bernie or some other Democrat who was at least voted on in the primary’s! And if it is Bernie, he’s even older than Sleepy Joe and way too far Left.

    Sleepy Joe 30330’s best chance of winning the election will fall on the determination of who he picks as his VP and I don’t see anybody sitting in the wings that’s any real qualifications that would make them any better a President? Let’s face it, even the other 2 dozen candidates he ran against crashed and burned.

    Perhaps Crazy Nancy Pelosi will talk Sleepy Joe 30330 into selecting Gavin Newsom as his VP. After all, he’s a lot younger, he’s a good looking guy, he’s a popular governor from a very large State, and he’s Crazy Nancy’s nephew!

    For GOD and Country!

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